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    Palkia and Meloetta

    I have to offer: Japanese Dialga Victini Uxie Mesprit Azelf Any starter Any fossil Any non-legendary version exclusive EDIT: It's mainly for Pokédex completion, so I'm willing to give back your Pokémon if you want, however in that case you too will have to give back the Pokémon I give you if...
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    WTF, Dawn???

    Don't get me wrong, but... This morning I was looking for the shiny Charizard poster (the one with Gold), when this image popped out. Can this be true? I'm not into hentai/fanservice/whatever (although I admit I like Dawn), it's just that it shocked me because you know, Pokémon doesn't do...
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    Capsule Monsters

    Bulbapedia has an article on it, the early version of Pocket Monsters. But the article says too little to be considered truely informative. Still, the small text left me with two questions in my mind: 1. It says the project started as a manga? If that's the case, I suppose it was published in...
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    Pokémon Jade and Obsidian

    Hello! This is my first fanfic, so I'd appreciate all of your criticism. Since the chapters will be a bit long I'll post them weekly, every Sunday night is my goal. If I can't make it to the deadline, or if you feel it's too long, I will make them shorter, that's why I need your opinion. So...
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    Secret Key questions- urgent!

    Finally, I'm buying Pokémon Platinum tomorrow. I'm in a rush 'cause Bulbapedia says you can download the Secret Key to Rotom's new formes until May 12, and you know, that date is so close now! But I have a few questions about the availability of this item. 1. First of all, the Bulbapedia...
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    Main series' chronology- Gen's I & III

    It's been assumed for a long time that Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire take place more or less during the same time period of Red/Blue, but as far as I'm concerned, there is no evidence that proves that. No body that I recall from my Ruby playthrough mentioned events or characters from Generation I games...
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    Red is not that tough!

    I'm just bragging, but I'm quite dissapointed with my Gold version. Last month I finally changed my cart's old battery and started a new game in Gold for the first time in 6 or 7 years. Yes, the game's great, but not as great as I remembered... The thing that dissapointed me the most was my...
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    Diamond/Pearl Original Soundtrack

    Well, I don't know if it's fair play to ask for this, but I'd like to get Pokémon Diamond/Pearl's Soundtrack album, but it's so hard to get and e-bay (as well as other sites) sells it way too expensive, so do anyone of you know about a way to get it a bit less expensive, or where can I download...
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    GS cloning and the Johto Pokédex

    Hi everyone!!! You may not believe it, but back in the old days I never used the cloning glitch in my Gold version, but today I replaced the battery and started a new Johto Journey (anime dixit, LOL). I did the cloning glitch at the begining in order to have the three starters. It did well, but...
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    GS Characters

    Well, we all want a GS remake, that'd be great, but instead of talking about probabilities for it or speculate about the possible changes made to the game, let's discuss something more friendly- characters redesign. With the recent Sugimori artwork style, how would they look? Any ideas? I made...