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    Preview XY028: Champion Carnet Appears! Mega Sirnight in the Mist!!

    XY Boardgame Data Broadcasts - Pocketmonsters.Net Discuss this data. This appears to eb the Diantha episode.
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    Preview XY027: Flabebe and the Fairy Flower!

    XY Boardgame Data Broadcasts - Pocketmonsters.Net Expected episode: Bonnie keeping a Flabebe.
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    Preview XY026: Peroppafu and Peroream! The Sweet Battle isn't a Piece of Cake!?

    XY Boardgame Data Broadcasts - Pocketmonsters.Net XY26 Data broadcast could be the Serena and Milfy episode. Discuss it.
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    Preview XY024: The Undersea Castle! Kuzumo and Dramidoro!!

    www.dotup.org project - 404 File Not found. Apparently is neither of the points of the list posted 2 weeks ago. 海底の城! Airs April 24st and has no summary at all. Edit: One of the kanjis can mean "castle". Although it could have other meanings related to it. The other two kanjis...
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    News Upcoming XY episodes

    Not titles now. Can eb aout of order. Ash vs Grant, Diantha, Serena and a cooker, Flabebe and Dedenne, Team Rocket as Ash and co, and Korrina and Lucario http://s.cyrill.lilect.net/uploader/files/201403170123370000.jpg Supposedly between 24th April and the movie.
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    How a japanese VA of a main character can influence the screentime of said character?

    I'm asking this question because seeing Serena inactivity in the show. I know that her VA is Mayuki Makiguchi, who hasn't got a key role of importance before voicing Serena and that Wikipedia doesn't list any voice after Serena debuted in the anime. I saw the script of Serena's dialogue and i...
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    Pokemon.com and Cartoon Network:

    If you have gone to the US page on Pokemon to watch the Eevee short, you automatically will detect an anormally in the schedule of episodes showing. You go to pokemon.com Pokémon TV | Watch Pokémon Episodes Online and you find out that online there's this episodes. From Kanto,starting...
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    Recently, the fanservice has gone up recently:

    In early BW, the fanservice directed to the "otaku" audience was almost zero. Even in late DP fanservice hasn't had importance to showcase female ncharacter. The minidress of Dawn wasn't showing any sexy characteristic most of the time in late DP and her Grand Festival dress is not something...
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    Review S16 EP40: Celebrating the Hero's Comet!

    Fucking Serebii for not updating. Because it's really Clebrating the Comet Hero's Commet. Next week is the same though. Discuss the dub of the episode who aired today in CN US. Summary (pokemon.com) Ash and friends turn their attention to the night sky to catch the passing of a rare comet, and...
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    XY008: Pokémon Trimmer and Torimian!

    28日のサブタイトルは「ポケモントリマーとトリミアン!」 http://www.dotup.org/uploda/www.dotup.org4605825.jpg
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    XY007: Leave it to Serena!? The Charging Sihorn Race

    November 21st. 21日のサブタイトルは「セレナにおまかせ!?激走サイホーンレース」
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    XY006: Decisive Battle on the Ice! Pikachu VS Viviyon!!

    www.dotup.org project - 404 File Not found. This is the text of the summary: "サトシはパンジーとの特訓の末、再びジム戦に挑む!!苦戦したビビヨン相手に、サトシとピカチュウの作戦は!? " Apparently, a rematch.
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    Spoilers Things that are strange and why it happened. (Speculation)

    I don't made the thread witht he intention of complaining, but more with the intention of sharing info with you. Pokemon X and Pokemon Y has released and it we only have 69 pokemon in the dex, something that for me it's not normal to any of us. But what gives me the attention is the...
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    Pokemon Fan leaks.

    I put the links here for the moment. It's frpom Pokemon Fan http://imgur.com/BQSR7he http://imgur.com/ogD7J7x http://imgur.com/mM4vRxR http://imgur.com/vwFvBpn http://imgur.com/qxqswon Discuss! This issue of the mgazine has 8 parts. 1. Explain that here there are new pokemon in the region...
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    Warning: Official websites not working. (except Japan).

    If you have tried to go to the official English website iun the past few days (apparently since at least 48 hours) you will find a white page instead of the information of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. All of this is happening: -In any international website (United States, Canada, Germany, Italy...
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    New poster:

    ポケットモンスター エックスワイ:あにてれ:テレビ東京 There's a lot of info to find here.
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    Special prgramming for XY: general discussion

    With the release of the XY games and the anime, cards relatives, we are getting various special programming during the net month. Poke-schedule: The Smash special with the anime thing has already aired. 19th September(thu 19:00/12:00): Best Wishes episode: "Best Wishes! Until the day we met...
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    Review S16 E32: The Pirates of Decolore!

    The Pirates of Decolore! There’s a crisis on the high seas when a group of Pokémon attempt to board our heroes’ ship and sneak away with their food. The purloining Pokémon won’t get far with Officer Jenny (as well as Ash and friends) hot on their tails. Of course, the always hungry Team...
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    Smash showing a special preview tonight.

    In a few hours Smash is revealing the first teaser of the new anime series. Discuss it now.
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    After the N arc, in the dub...

    The thread has a rule: Yu can't post how the epsiodes will be resolved without spoiler tags because it's directed to dub fans, not Japanese version fans. In other words, not things like this: After this episode, the anime is starting a filler arc named in Japan "Decolora Adventures"...