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  1. Envoy

    Pikachu/Eevee Starter Status

    As of Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee, Kanto becomes the Pokemon Region with the most Starter Pokemon available to the Player in a Main Series Game (or Main Series Adjacent if you don't think they're Main Series.) I mean, sure, we had Pokemon Yellow, but that was always seen as a one-off thing. Yes...
  2. Envoy

    Meganium Needs a Buff

    Meganium. Objectively the worst Starter Pokemon in the franchise, bar none (unless you wanna include Pikachu or Eevee or something.) She also happens to be one of my favorite Pokemon of all time. However, it seems as though the developers at Game Freak have a hate-on for her. In HGSS, when...
  3. Envoy

    Updating Johto Pokemon

    I think I could make a strong argument for Johto’s Pokemon being the most severely affected by the growing power creep in the franchise. While a case could be made for Sinnoh, it is still a much newer Generation with overall stronger Pokemon. Hoenn Pokemon recently got a remake that helped boost...
  4. Envoy

    Main Series or Spinoff?

    I’m seeing this being debated quite a lot, so I figured I’d make a thread specifically to discuss and debate. Are these games part of the main series titles, aligned with FRLG, HGSS, ORAS, and the like? Or are they spinoff titles like the Stadium games, Colosseum, XD, etc? Or are they...
  5. Envoy

    Your LGPE Team

    Since these are Kanto based games with only the original 151 Pokémon available, there’s no reason we can’t start planning our teams already (barring version exclusives.) So, which Pokémon will make up your team for LGPE? Here’s my (tentative) team idea: -Eevee -Bulbasaur -Squirtle -Nidoqueen...
  6. Envoy

    Chikorita Needs More Love

    With the release of Gold and Silver on the Virtual Console, I think it's time to talk about an elephant in the room: Chikorita. Now, it's no secret that Chikorita is the weakest Johto Starter. In fact, it goes beyond that. Chikorita is definitively the weakest Starter in Pokemon history. My...
  7. Envoy

    How to Fix the Grass Type

    Despite being one of the three Starter types, Grass' matchups have always been considerably inferior to those of its sister types. Grass Type Starters tend to be either the least popular or the least useful throughout the generations. This is symptomatic of the type itself, which tends to score...
  8. Envoy

    I really want to rant about...

    [insert Pokémon here] This is a thread for you to vent out your frustrations about Pokémon you hate, Pokémon you dislike, Pokémon that annoy you, or Pokémon that have disappointed you. NOTE: RESPECT PEOPLE'S OPINIONS. THIS IS A RANT THREAD AND YOU WILL READ THINGS YOU DISAGREE WITH. RESPECT...
  9. Envoy

    I really want to gush about...

    [insert Pokémon here] Basically a fishing thread. Here you can vomit your feelings of admiration of your favorite Pokémon, or just of Pokémon that have impressed you.
  10. Envoy

    How do you rank Sun & Moon?

    As a generation, where does Gen VII sit for you when ranked with all the previous generations? You can go general (ex. Gen II, Gen VII, Gen III, etc.) Or you can go specific (in terms of Pokémon, Gen VII ranks behind..., but in terms of region...etc.)
  11. Envoy

    Non-Alola Pokémon Competitive Viability

    You guys know all those fancy new Pokémon we got? You guys remember all those Pokémon that got new forms? You guys aware of all those nifty Ultra Beasts? Well, this is not the thread to talk about them. You're looking for this one. This is a thread to discuss how all of the Pokémon from...
  12. Envoy

    Contest Blaziken vs Empoleon vs Decidueye

    vs vs All images found using teh Googles. I claim to have made none of these. Credit to the artists, whom I believe posted the originals on Tumblr, Deviantart, and Pintrest respectively. Okay, with the disclaimers out of the way... So, with the introduction of Decidueye, we now have...
  13. Envoy

    Contest Lugarugan Midday vs Lugarugan Midnight

    Art not by me. Found using Google Images As the title says. Which do you prefer? The Midday (Sun) form or the Midnight (Moon) form? I have a sneaking suspicion that Midnight will be more popular, but I personally prefer Midday's design by far. Midnight form just isn't doing it for me.
  14. Envoy

    Contest Ninetales vs Alolan Ninetales

    vs Pretty straightforward. I don't think I need to add anything. Obviously from a competitive standpoint, Ninetales has the better ability, but Ninetales-A has the Fairy typing to provide some diversity. And obviously in a fight, regular Ninetales has the advantage. But which one do you like...
  15. Envoy

    Terrain=New Weather?

    So with the latest trailer, we got something quite interesting. Alolan Raichu's ability, Surge Surfer, doubles its Speed stat during Electric Terrain. This is similar to the effects that Chlorophyll, Swift Swim, and Sand Rush have during sun, rain, and sandstorm (respectively.) In addition...
  16. Envoy

    LF: Hoopa

    Looking for Hoopa. It'd be nice if it had a Modest, Hasty, or Timid Nature, but it's not necessary. I have: UT Adamant female Torchic with Speed Boost and Max IV's in HP/Atk/Def/Sp. Atk/Spe UT Adamant Tepig with Thick Fat (turns to Reckless as Emboar) and Max IV's in HP/Atk/Def/Sp. Atk/Sp. Def...
  17. Envoy

    Favorite Grass Type

    Well, everybody's doing these, so I figured I'd toss my proverbial hat into the equally proverbial fire. Besides, Grass is by far my favorite type, and I figured, why wait until someone else did this? So, who'd your favorite Grass type and why? Mine will always be Bulbasaur. He's been with me...
  18. Envoy

    Contest Mega Venusaur vs Mega Sceptile

    V.S. I don't know why this isn't a thing yet, but it should be, so I made it. These are the two (as of this writing) Grass Starter Mega Evolutions. Mega Venusaur is a defensive behemoth (single best defensive Mega in the game as of right now) with only two fairly uncommon weaknesses and an...
  19. Envoy

    LF Female DW Gible

    Basically the only Pokemon I want that I don't yet have. Can anybody trade this Pokemon to me? I can offer:
  20. Envoy

    Looking for Female Dream World Dratini

    Exactly what the title says. I've been trying to find one for a month now and I'm getting tired of it. So can anyone please give me a female Dratini with its hidden ability? At this point, I don't even care if it's hacked. I'm willing to offer: