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  1. Peaceful Giraffe

    Hello crazies, I have returned

    Hey! It's me, Peaceful Giraffe, also known as PG, PG-13, Marius, Poogy, POOGEH, and so on. Nice to see you all again, I've missed you :)
  2. Peaceful Giraffe

    Contest Pure Ice Type Battle!

    Which Pure Ice Pokémon do you like the best? Which has the best design, and which would win in a fight? First is a temporary ice type, one only brought on by weather- Snowy Castform! Second is a little Eskimo Pokémon which is very cute- Snorunt! Third is a deadly scary ball of ice and...
  3. Peaceful Giraffe

    Monochrome- A CYOA Story

    (A story set in Unova. Make the character do things by commenting /send action. Have fun! I'm just doing this to practice writing. The story exists on BMGf and PXR, and suggestions from both forums will be used in updates.) Your eyes shoot open and you topple out of your bed with a gasp. What's...
  4. Peaceful Giraffe

    Contest Pure Electric-Type Showdown!

    There's a lot of electric types out there, but today lets just look at the ones with no secondary types, grouped into their evolutionary families. Which do you like best? Which is most useful? Which has the coolest design? Which have you used the most?
  5. Peaceful Giraffe

    Mafia Dragon Mafia- ENDGAME! Mafia wins!

    Dragon Mafia Flavor Text: [/spoiler] Welcome to my epic Dragon/Ice face off mafia showdown! I haven't hosted a mafia in forever so please bear with me: Rules: Players: 1. Rabbit; Lynched Day Six 2...
  6. Peaceful Giraffe

    Contest Dark/Flying SHOWDOWN!

    It seems that Electric/Flying, Water/Flying, Dragon/Flying, and Bug/Flying all have their own showdowns already, but I don't believe Dark/Flying has been done yet so let's get this show on the road! First up are Honchkrow and Murkrow, the original Dark/Flying types. Next are Vullaby and...
  7. Peaceful Giraffe

    GEN VI: 5/6iv ditto

    As I am beginning my career as a breeder for hire, I am in need of a Ditto with good IVs. Does anyone have an extra one I can have?
  8. Peaceful Giraffe

    DOOM- A Choose Your Own Adventure Story

    Hey guys, Marius here. I'm writing a Choose Your Own Adventure Story and this is the first chapter! Please leave commands so I can write the next section of the story accordingly. Enjoy! --- Just a regular day, right? There is absolutely no reason why this shouldn't be a normal day. There...
  9. Peaceful Giraffe

    Rayquaza/an Emerald sequel?

    I didn't see a thread like this and it needed to be made, I thought. Sorry if this already exists and I missed it. Do you think Rayquaza will be in AS/OR, or do you think it will have its own game later, as a sequel to Emerald? I personally would like a sequel to Emerald.
  10. Peaceful Giraffe

    Mafia Breaking Bad Mafia (Mature)- Night Five- There's More? -5/29/14

    The meth business is a dangerous thing. Walter White and his family, as well as what few allies he can trust, have gathered together for a final confrontation against the evil Gus Fring and his meth empire. Gus has decided that Walt is too dangerous by half. He'd prefer his drugs cooked by...
  11. Peaceful Giraffe

    Contest Clefairy Line vs. Jigglypuff Line vs. Marill Line

    So, three evolutionary lines that were recently retconned to Fairy. Which one do you prefer? Some things to keep in mind -Two of the three members of the Marill line also have a water typing -Jigglypuff's line has half normal typing -The Clefairy line is pure fairy -All three lines have a...
  12. Peaceful Giraffe

    Pros and cons of event legendaries?

    This is a topic that was mentioned recently in a different thread, and I think it actually merits its own thread, because I can think of about a bazillion arguments involving event legends off of the top of my head. The usual argument- They're so hard to obtain! It's not fair! The usual...
  13. Peaceful Giraffe

    Contest War of the Eeveelutions

    I didn't see this and it really needed to be made, so, ta-da!
  14. Peaceful Giraffe

    Contest Mawile vs Klefki

    Simple enough, which of the Steel/Fairy type Pokémon do you prefer?
  15. Peaceful Giraffe

    Favorite Legendary Pokémon

    Ok, I looked and I didn't see one of these. I thought it would go well with the 'worst legend' thread. So, who's the best legend in your eyes, and why?
  16. Peaceful Giraffe

    Mafia Futurama Mafia- ENDGAME! TOWN WINS!

    Mom was mad. Not just mad, furious. Bastard-slapping angry. She promptly whirled on her heel and whacked Walt, Larry, and Igner with the back of her hand. They all shouted and whimpered in protest, but their abusive mother didn't seem to hear, striding instead to the window at the very top of...
  17. Peaceful Giraffe

    Sign Ups Digital Age

    Age of Steel Intro: About: Rules: Signups: For Humans: For Termas: My SUs are still under construction, but basically I'll be playing the head of both factions. :) Oh and this is my first time hosting an RP... Go easy on me.
  18. Peaceful Giraffe

    TEEN: Nervous Ticks

    So, this is an idea I've been nursing for a while. I rated it teen for violence and some deep psychological shit. With that out of the way, on to the prologue! My name is Michael. No last name. I was never sure why. I didn't ask my mom, because until the men in suits came to our house and...
  19. Peaceful Giraffe

    Contest Xerneas vs. Yveltal

    Some things to keep in mind- Xerneas Life Pokemon Fairy Type Ability- Fairy Aura Mascot of Pokemon X Weak to Poison and Steel Immune to Dragon Resistant to Fighting, Bug, and Dark Signature move- Geomancy Yveltal Destruction Pokemon Dark/Flying Type Ability- Dark Aura Mascot of...
  20. Peaceful Giraffe

    Is batting or not battling better for Pokémon's health?

    So, here's my question. Battling involves Pokémon fighting each other, and obviously they could get hurt, maybe badly, in the process. But we've also seen Pokémon benefiting a lot from battling by leveling up and evolving. Not battling would exclude Pokémon from both these dangers and these...