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  1. leetic!

    Mafia "Weird Al" Yankovic Mafia

    (Banner by @Rainbow Cloud) Welcome to a game I've wanted to host for a long time, and is what may be my last game for a while! This will be a twenty player game where every role is based on a Weird Al song. I can promise you that this will be a good show, so let's get this running! Players...
  2. leetic!

    The Alphabet Game

    A pretty simple game. We post phrases in the format of "My name is _, my wife/husband's name is _, we live in _, and we sell _" with each blank being a word starting with a particular letter of the alphabet (starting with A, then B, C, etc.) For example: My name is Alex, my wife's name is...
  3. leetic!

    Mafia USM Ubers Mafia endgame (Town and Genesect victory)
    Threadmarks: OP

    Welcome to my first game in almost three years! The USM Ubers Metagame is in a state of chaos, with many different opinions with how the tier should change in the future. Should they stay consistent with a minimalist ban list, or ban top threats in order to create a more competitive...
  4. leetic!

    Your first starter

    Obtaining your starter is supposed to be a special moment for every aspiring trainer. So what was the first Pokémon that you ever picked to start off a main series game? For me, I picked Turtwig (I started with Diamond). I still love it, even if I'm more coming around to the Piplup line in...
  5. leetic!

    Worst starter middle evolution

    In general, some of the designs that the design team puts the most effort into are the starters and the final starter evolutions. The starters need to be cute and marketable so the series can appeal to little kids, while the final evolutions are designed to be "cool" and more appealing to older...
  6. leetic!

    Well... It's been interesting.

    It's been a while since I have last shown my face around here. Many of you might not remember who I am, and if you don't, I do not fault you. I have went from a Bulbagarden mod to persona non grata within the span of a few months, and one may wonder why I would want to show my face here again...