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    MATURE: Behind Closed Doors

    Behind Closed Doors By: Shirajira This has been an idea that has just been wandering thought my head for a while so I am going to make it into a Fan-fic and see how it will work out! Anyways so this takes place in the future after...
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    Strange Pokémon Knock Offs

    When theres something that sells alot of stuff there is people who also want to make a quick buck off it. It can happen to any thing that is big from Video Games to Toys to Comics to T.V shows. Pokémon has been extremely popular over the years and of corse there are people who want to cash in...
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    Contest Battle of the Kami Trio- Tornadus VS Thundurus VS Landorus

    Three pokemon that are very much alike that all share the flying type. Tornadus and Thundurus have the same base stats while Landorus has slightly higher base stats all around but lower speed and spk.attack. So who do you chose? For me its Landorus as I like its stats better and has some...
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    Favourite New Move

    So what is your Favourite new move from Gen V? For me its Blue Flare. So what about you?
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    Contest Gen V Fighting Type Showdown!

    Well in Gen V we got some great fighting types. But which one do you think is the best of them all? For me my vote go's to Scrafty he may not have the attack power as the others but has great def/spk.def, a epic look, a great move poll that gets even dragon dance and great typing.
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    The Girl Lost in The Burned Tower

    Well today I was reading some TVTropes pages and then found this So I went to Bulbapedia to check if this was true and found this So this is more then likely what replaced this event so I went searching for the hidden text and found this So why do you think this was scraped and...
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    What are you wearing right now?

    What clothing(not counting underwear,bras and anything like that) are you wearing right now? For me it is a pair of blue jeans,a blue and yellow striped shirt and black socks.
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    Book Marks for Fan-fics.

    Basic Idea: Add A book marking tool of some sort to the fan-fic forums. Basicly you can book mark a certain area of the post and comeback to where that bookmark is by clicking a bookmark finder button or something like that in the fan-fic forums Why I think this is usefull: I love to read...
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    How EPIC is the user above you?

    Ok so on a scale of 1 to 10(1 being the lowest 10 being the highest) rate how EPIC you think the user above you is!
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    So basicly you could have more then one poll in a thread and have up to say like 5 polls in a thread. Why would we need this you ask? Well in the contest hall you could make a poll for many things. Say I made a thread about Bulbasaur VS Celebi. So I could add one poll for which of...
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    Contest Zubat VS Tentacool

    The two most annoying pokemon ever. There every where in caves and on water every 3 steps you take with out repel you must hear there horrable crys and then run from it. On one side we have Zubat there every where in caves every 5 steps you see another goddamn zubat! And then once you...
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    Worst Innuendo In Pokémon?

    Well it can be ether a accadentle innuendo or intensonal but but do you think is the worst innuendo ever in pokémon? It can be from any thing to due with pokemon from the games to the anime to menga to T.C.G to about any thing ealse. For me I think the one episod of the anime where a...
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    What other website(s) are you on right now?

    Well what other website(s) are you looking at/have up right now as you look at this thread? For me I only have facebook on right now.
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    Hair color?

    Well theres one for the color of your eyes but what about your hair? So what color is your hair? For me Iv got Brown hair with some dirty Blond in it.
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    Biggest "WTF" Moment in the Anime.

    Ok I must say there are quite a few "WTF" moments in the anime but what moment do you think is the biggest "WTF" moment of all?
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    Episode With The Best Name.

    So what do you think is the best name that a episode of the pokemon anime got?
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    Worst Error In The Pokémon anime

    Ok ever one makes mistakes some of them are just little ones and some of them are just huge ass mess ups. The pokémon anime does make its mistakes too just like every thing ealse. So what do you think is the worst error that has ever been seen in the pokémon anime? It can be any kind of...
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    Well its back the old thread is dead and gone but now its back with more to compeat for the best pokemon meme!
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    Most Upgraded Pokemon In Gen V?

    Well some pokemon in gen V has had some major buffs so which ones do you think where the most upgraded from gen IV? For me first off Ditto went from a pimp that can only breed and sucked major ass in battle to possably one of the most powerfull pokemon and greatest revange killer. Next any...
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    Contest Slowbro VS Slowking

    Well two pokemon who are from the same line and are very simalre but there can be only one that is better who is it. My vote gos to slowking for nastyplot and can be a hell of a sweeper using trickroom.