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    TEEN: Chuchu and Expo

    Soo..... Rebooting this!!! Teen because it's romance, kinda deep romance, but no true depictions of we-all-know-what. The main characters? Chuchu, the human turned to Pikachu who has no interest in Expo's puppy love, and Expo, the Cyndaquil that is quite the romantic and occasionally becomes a...
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    Animal Crossing: A Journey Across the Video Game World Discussion Thread

    The title is a bit too long... But anyway. Discuss here, I might post announcements.
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    Animal Crossing: A Journey Across the Video Game World

    Booster Gold; that sony nintendo dude; Heroic Sociopath; Unova Guardian; OOC: Hi! Welcome to the RP! So, um....this is my first RP I'm hosting so cut me some slack! If I make a mistake please point it out and I'll try to point out yours. So...RP starting in 3....2...1!!! IC: Mayor Evie...
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    Sign Ups Animal Crossing: A Journey Across the Video Game World

    The world as we all knew it... It was in peril. It seemed as if our lives were being toyed with, like we were messed with... Like our world is one big computer glitch now. So, what did I do? I decided to gather some villagers from my town and other nearby towns and rally our forces so we can...
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    What do you think of...

    An AC:NL RP? (Animal Crossing:New Leaf). All players select a character from Nookipedia (Link provided) and link me to the character they want to play as. The only other thing they need to do is to give me one skill they would like for the character. It can be anything, as long as it's not...
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    Mafia Animal Crossing: New War-ENDGAME:MAFIA WINS

    There once was a small town that seemed to have it all- music, great shopping, harmony, peace, and kind villagers. Everybody in the town didn't dare move away because of how friendly their neighbors were. However, one person, Tom Nook, wanted nothing less than the downfall of the town and the...
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    Life of a Pokémon: The Agony of Battles and What a Trainer is Worth

    I'm new and I FINALLY stumbled upon this writer's heaven. I've had this idea for a bit: hope you enjoy! Rating: Teen (No cursing or anything but I'm getting into the pkmn daycare A BIT... just on the safe side here) Summary: An Eevee is born in the depths of pinwheel forest, raised by two...
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    Welcome to me!

    I posted here a bit late, but I'm new to the forums. I also work for bulbapedia, so you can check out my user page there under the same username. Well, bye! :ksmile: