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    Updating the Pokémon Icons to the X & Y ones

    Sprites de Pokémon » Pokémon X y Pokémon Y - Pokémon Paraíso Maybe that can help?
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    What was your favorite original Pokemon?

    Definitely Magmar....
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    Worst starter?

    What difference does its appearance make? Is there some sort of new gameplay element I am somehow unaware of?
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    How's the weather over there?

    Supposedly it could rain tonight in San Antonio, don't know about that though.
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    Favourite Shiny Pokemon?

    That was my first shiny in Diamond.
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    Let's be Dream World Friends

    FC is in sig.
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    The Dubious Database (Simple Questions)

    Black/White GTS evo-glitch? I don't understand why it doesn't work for this generation of games. Can someone please direct me to what I should do? (That is if there's anything I can do.)
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    The official Bulbagarden forums claim a Pokemon thread!

    Banette-PredatorFett April 11, 2011
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    Contest KantoStarters vs JohtoStarters vs HoennStarters vs SinnohStarters vs UnovaStarters!

    Re: KantoStarters vs JohtoStarters vs HoennStarters vs SinnohStarters vs UnovaStarter Unova starters are just plain badly designed, literally all three starters and their evos are painful for me to look at. That being said, Sinnoh starters rule. I think they are undoubtedly the most useful and...
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    How's the weather over there?

    South Texas-y. In other words, hasn't rained in months. And yet there are still too much allergens in the air.
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    I stopped for 10 years...

    I have a similar story to yours. I bought Pokemon Diamond about 7 months ago after a 10 year hiatus. (used to have Yellow). Anyway, logged 999+ hrs on Diamond, and I misplaced it recently, so I need to find it. But at least I have SS and White.
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    What Was the Last Thing You Said Before This Thread???

    "I want a quarter-pounder" (McDonalds)
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    Puberty - What is it like?

    Aaah the infamous "Aspergers". I hate living with that condition. Middle/High school will suck for you and I know this b/c not many people understand us.
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    Lvl 100 Persian's Payday plus Amulet Coin equals....$500

    Anyone else having problems with the Money modifiers items in Pokemon White/Black?
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    Pokedex Entries that creeped you out

    Read Banette's entry. Kind of unnerving.
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    Music What music are you currently listening to?

    Sanitarium- Metallica
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    Your reaction on the way writers treat past charathers?

    I actually thought Tracy was an interesting addition to the party (that is; Ash, Misty/Dawn/May/(insert female character here) + Tracy. His character really opened up some doors to the minds of viewers and made them think about the different professions in the Pokemon world. (Tracy was a...
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    Your reaction on the way writers treat past charathers?

    Three words: TOO MUCH BROCK
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    Your "THATS NOT POSSIBLE" moments

    Kind of dumbfounded when this happened, but I caught Mewtwo in SoulSilver on my first throw and I didn't even use a Quick Ball. (To be fair it was a Dusk Ball, but even so, it shouldn't have caught that easily.) And then the game froze before I got to nickname it. (I caught it later, but...