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    Pokemon of the Week: Diggersby

    Now most peoples first and likely still current view on Bunnelby was when they encounted one on route 22 and one shot it thus instantly dismissing it as this generations lame Buneary clone. To an extend they would be correct as on a regular playthrough it is less than useless. This topic aims to...
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    BBL PoTW #6 Meowstic

    BBL PotW #6 Meowstic This week Meowstic gets its turn. Meowstic/Espurr the XY Gens house cat pokemon following on from Meowth (gen 1), Skitty (gen 3). Glameow (gen 4) and Purrlion (gen 5) and their evolutions. Now admit it you want Meowstic on your team if only to have that one pokemon that...
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    Trading away HA Zubats with egg moves

    I have around 8 of these spare from my breeding. Mostly 4iv maxed male and female mix. They are all Jolly / infiltrator (HD from horde/zubat is not safari) They have four egg moves Brave Bird Whirlwind Defog Hypnosis So basically are ideal for current defensive or offensive Crobat...
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    Fletchling Adamant Gale Wing Give away

    Got at least 40 of these spare. Been using them as lvl 30 japanese Ditto bait on the GTS but I am breeding more than I can trade. Mostly with max attack and other high IVs. Give me a shout if you want one. Edit: Also got a couple of nice lv1 scythers and Mawile with great IV spare. I am...
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    Pokemon that disappointed you on playthroughs

    Everyone has had that pokemon that they capture/get and intend to use on a playthrough but it ends up either being banked, requires loads of extra effort to keep up or not really helped out that much. Mine are Geodude -> Golem - I love these guys truly but whenever I try to get them in a...
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    Wanted Mawile DWF

    Am in need of one of these. I though I had one then it turned out it was a male *facepalm* In return I can breed you any of the following. Any starter (M or F) Torchic/Snivy DWF (yes somewhere in past these were bred from a haxed pokemon so I wouldnt advise using them online) Top DWFs...
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    More visible IV/EV and other features in the pokemon menu tabs :D

    According to Yesterdays announcement "X & Y will make IVs and EVs more visible" How you think this will work. As someone who enjoys breeding and training it would be nice to see straight out how good a pokemon is but ofc ideally without seeing the exact behind the scenes numbers. In the...
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    My New Poke pic frame collection

    Not sure if this place is purely for doll collectors but since I'm quite happy about these I though I'd put them here to show people. I'm shortly moving house and the GF decided she was going to be in charge of decorating the living room but that I could sort out the stairway. So naturally...
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    Heracross Giveaway

    Currently mega breeding Heracross All of them are Adamant Nature +atk -satk All of them have max speed IV Both father and mother maxed Atk and hp IV with one parent having def or sdef. So I'm getting alot of quality offspting. If you are interested in a RS quality adamant Heracross with...
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    My Team

    Mainly for 3 vs 3 Opener - Sableye Prankster /Calm /Iron Ball 252 hp 128def 124mdef Will o wisp Recover Trick Taunt Other 2 - Dragonite 252 Atk 252Spd 4hp Multiscale /Adamant/ Dragon Fang Dragon Dance Utrage Earthquake Roost Breloom Technician /Adamant/ Life Orb 252...
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    LF Shroomish

    Hello all, I'll be soon moving onto breeding shroomish as my next project but am finding difficulty getting a decent international one on GTS. Any good non Pal region breeders able to help. Ideally I'd like 3 maxed IV female. I have a male with egg moves ready. I can return the favour...
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    Eevee give away! (ideal for breeding/training)

    I did 4 hours of Eevee breeding this morning and ended up with a number of very good spares. Since they'll just be taking up box space I'm giving them away. All pokemon are Relatively Superior (none Hidden Abilities) 1x Female lvl 24 (untouched EV it lvled in daycare) - Modest - max 31 IV in...