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Search results

  1. SpinyShell

    Which starter are you going to pick?

    You know the drill. Select your favorite boi and fight in the comments over who's the best starter.
  2. SpinyShell

    How faithful do you think these remakes will be?

    I noticed that there's been some discussion in this section of the forums over how faithful these games will be, and I thought I'd make a dedicated thread considering this has been a recurrent topic in several threads. I know there's a thread for discussing possiblye new content, but I think the...
  3. SpinyShell

    What Pokemon are you planning on using in Pokemon Legends: Arceus?

    Thought I'd make a thread inspired by the one in the BDSP section. While I know it's super early--we don't even know how the party system will work--I'm curious to see what team's people are planning, if they're planning at all.
  4. SpinyShell

    2/26 Pokémon Presents Speculation Thread

    So we have a ~20 minute Pokémon Presents confirmed for tomorrow at 7am PST. View: https://mobile.twitter.com/Pokemon/status/1364923859326169089?s=20 Thoughts? Edit: Premier link: Timezones:
  5. SpinyShell

    Unsigned Comments

    I accidently forgot to sign a comment I made when reporting a vandal to an admin. I was wondering if there was any way for me to go back and add in a proper signature with the correct time and date. Alternatively, if there is no way to do that, can I add {{unsigned|SpinyShell}} to the comment...
  6. SpinyShell

    Favorite Psychic-type Pokemon

    What's your favorite Psychic-type Pokémon?
  7. SpinyShell

    How should Pokemon cries sound?

    There was a bit of discussion in the gen 9 predictions thread regarding changing the cries of either to sound like the anime, i.e. saying their names, or like actual animals. I was curious to see what people preferred: the (main series) anime cries, more realistic sounds a la Generations, or if...
  8. SpinyShell

    Favorite Food Pokémon?

    I can't remember exactly why I though of making this thread, but I was definitely hungry. Anyways, I was curious to see which food Pokémon is the most popular. I was uncertain if the two tea Pokémon counted as food, but since you ingest tea I figured it counted.
  9. SpinyShell

    SpinyShell's Pokémon Discussion Thread

    Here's yet another blog that'll probably die after, like, three updates. So I've been inspired by several threads on here talking about Pokémon such as the various top 100 Pokémon threads, and felt like making my own thread in a similar style. Not in the sense that it would be a top 100 thread...
  10. SpinyShell

    When making a team, do you stick with Pokemon you've used before?

    I've read a couple comments on the forums stating, in one way or another, that Pokémon fans repeatedly use the same Pokémon on their teams over and over again, i.e. only using Pokémon from a select pool of favorites. While not every Pokémon fan builds teams this way, myself included, I was...
  11. SpinyShell

    Gen 9 Wishlist/"What would you do if you made gen 9" Thread

    Apologies for the atrocious title. Anyways, I felt like the gen 9 predictions thread had a sizable amount of more fan ideas and wishlist hopes, so I decided to make a dedicated thread for those here just so that we don't have two threads in one (I don't think there was a thread like this...
  12. SpinyShell

    Does Reshiram or Zekrom fit N more?

    Like many of my posts, this was inspired by a comment I saw on another thread. Anyways, like the title says, which dragon fits the former king of Team Plasma better?
  13. SpinyShell

    Spoilers Which did you go with?

    Thought I'd celebrate the lift of the spoiler embargo with a question I wanted to ask waaaay back when the Crown Tundra was first released.
  14. SpinyShell

    Favorite Toxtricity Form?

    Which do you prefer? Amped, or Low Key, or do you like/dislike them roughly the same amount?
  15. SpinyShell

    Is your favorite starter the first one you ever picked?

    This post is inspired by a comment I that I read on r/pokemon that said that it seemed like most people's favorite starter was the one they first ever picked in their Pokemon playing career. I was just wondering how true that is here on BMGf.
  16. SpinyShell

    Thoughts on generational gimmicks?

    I was inspired to make this post after reading through the Dynamax thread recently. While much of the discussion was obviously focused on Dynamax, I did note that a few users talked about how they didn't think GameFreak should continue making gimmicks each generation, and I thought that would...
  17. SpinyShell

    Favorite Starter from Each Trio?

    While I know there's a starter tier list thread, I don't think there's a thread solely for the starter you'd pick out of each trio, and I think the topic is different enough to warrant its own thread. Apologies if a thread like this has already been made. So, for every starter trio, which...
  18. SpinyShell

    The power of Legendary and Mythical Pokemon, and its correlation to their status

    So I was in the Anime and Manga section earlier today, and came across a discussion regarding Goh capturing a Zapdos (you can see the start of it here). One user said something to the tune of such a Legendary Pokemon was too powerful and essential to be captured by a trainer, a rookie no less...
  19. SpinyShell

    Speculation Create-a-Curry Thread

    It’s been pretty slow in the SwSh section as of late, so I thought of a fun topic to spark a little discussion. Basically, if you could make a new curry (or, technically a new curry ingredient), what would it be? Feel free to include the recipe description for each flavor (bitter, sweet, etc.)...
  20. SpinyShell

    Quiz: What Pokemon are You?

    So I stumbled across this quiz here on the Cave of Dragonflies website, and I found it interesting so I decided to post about it. It's like the PMD quizzes in a way.