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    Teacher Who Inspired "Stand and Deliver" Dies at 79

    *Didn't know whether this should've gone in Soap Box or not. Soap Box seemed too strong for this, yet this area seems too weak for this, as well. But please do move this, if you feel the need. Source A bit stomach-churning, I'd say. He really set a standard for helping misguided...
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    "We Are The World" 2010! Do We Like it??

    I need to give my cent or two on this. Firstly, I really didn't like the inclusion of people that weren't even alive long enough to remember the first version, namely Justin Bieber and the Jonas Brothers. Personally, I will download this song, but only to make the donation; I won't keep it...
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    This or That?

    Every week, I'm going to change the topic of this thread. The "this or that" will be between two Pokemon, and you are to vote on them, based on which one you'd rather have/like better. Week 01/17-01/23: Electivire or Magmortar? Electivire: 033 Winner!; more like Electivire than do...
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    Pikachu-coloured Pichu/Draco Meteor Jirachi Events Confirmed For NA Release!!

    Source 1 Source 2 Source 3 (Link created 5 hours ago; deleted sometime between then and time of this post.)
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    NA Pokemon.com Gets New Look! :D

    It's about time! Source: http://www.pokemon.com/us/news/welcome-to-new-pokemon_com-2010-01-06/
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    Have You Reserved HeartGold/SoulSilver Yet?

    So, I went to Toys 'R' Us yesterday, and I was ecstatic when I found the HGSS reservation cards in with the video games that you could buy. So, I did just that, I reserved them both. Have you done so yet?
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    How Many Threads Are You Currently Subscribed To?

    Eighty-eight, and counting. EDIT: Eighty-nine, counting this one. ;-) EDIT2: Upon sensing what seemed to be the weirding out of a member or two, I have liquidated my subscribed list down to 41! ;D
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    "Arceus [AR-SOOS!! D=<<<] and the Jewel of Life" US Airdate Released

    PokemonArceus The release date for the 12th Pokemon movie, "Arceus and the Jewel of Life", has been confirmed by the official Pokemon website as Friday, November 20. (Times TBD.)
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    Favorite Forum Area?

    The World Beyond? Social Groups? IRC Chat? Vote, chat, comment! My two favorites are The World Beyond and Outside the Box! I'm a self-proclaimed japanophile so I'm usually in The Land of the Rising Sun and the Bulbagarden Social Forum is always so much fun!
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    Name Changing.....

    I have some information I would like to know about before changing my name. There are a couple of nominations for a name change that I have been thinking about lately. I would really like to change my name to them if I were to, but I would also like to have the security of being able to...
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    What Frontier Brain Have You Battled The Most?

    The ones that I have probably battled the most are Lucy in Gen. III and Dahlia here in Gen. IV. Those seem to be the easiest to get to. What about you?:cheers:
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    I'm Requesting A Link For A Thread

    For the last half-hour, or so, I've been searching for a thread by, Archaic, I think it was, on the announcement of the new mods that happened back in December, I think. I saw the thread first way back in April (under my old account, of course) and I wondered if it still existed. If it still...
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    Happy Halloween Everyone! (It Is Now Officially October 31st!)

    Halloween is now upon us, and I wanna know everyone's plans! What will YOU be for Halloween!? I don't celebrate it anymore, but it is nice to still know what is going on with it... :peace:
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    Fake Malware Detections...

    *Wasn't sure if this should've gone here or not... Move as you please, if need be. I'd like to bring this to the mods attention that, since yesterday, I've run into three fake virus infection announcements in my browser when I have entered Bulbapedia's home page. I ran McAfee every time...
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    Yay Everything Else..... But What About Monica and Her Siblings?

    If there is one thing that I haven't heard anything about involving HG/SS lately, it would have to be the Siblings that gave out gifts during the days. Anyone know if they are back? ._.
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    What's your school schedule!? =D? X.X

    I start college this morning, so to relieve some nervousness, I shall post my college schedule and in return, you shall do the same, OKAY!? D=< Good. (Times are Eastern.) Monday -Introduction to Statistics, 9:30-10:20 A.M. -GSW Introduction to Academic Writing, 11:30-12:20 A.M...
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    Favorite Candy? =3

    Don't forget to brush your teeth! I love candy, but not over-excessively (if that made any sense to you). Taffy is my favorite kind of candy, but as far as candy brand specifics, I really like anything made by Perfetti Van Melle. Cherry Air Heads are practically to die for and Mentos are...
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    Which Do You Like Better: Fruits Or Vegetables?

    ANSWER THE QUESTION! XD But also, what are your favorite fruits and/or vegetables? I personally can't decide. I like to eat vegetables because they can be very crunchy, but fruit freshen up my pallet since they are just a mixture of juice and water. My favorite veggetables are red onions...
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    How Do You Like To Eat Your Oreo?

    =D I like to eat mine by holding it under the milk's surface and then just when it is about to crumble away from between my two fingers into the depths of my glass, I pull it out ever so carefully and put the mushiness in my mouth and let it flow down my throat. "Darach east sweets...
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    Movies/TV What Did You Watch On Television Last?

    I watched the Throwdown with Bobby Flay episode where he battled with Meatballs!