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  1. Cresselia92

    Rules The Writers' Workshop Rulebook & Information Hub

    Wobbuffet took the whole "Godzilla vs. Kong" hype a bit too literally... New Releases Of Sand and Shadows, by @HelloYellow17 A novelization of Pokémon Colosseum. Metronome, by @Torchic W. Two new people are moving into the apartment: Winona, Wallace’s girlfriend, and Norman, some 40...
  2. Cresselia92

    Rules The Writers' Workshop Rulebook & Information Hub

    "Aim to the horn!", they said. New Releases Pokémon: The Brilliant Diamond Stage, by @LightningTopaz Fourteen years after an unforgettable journey across the Shinou region, Dawn reunited with Ash and Brock for a different kind of journey--joining the Kagayou Theater for a grand tour across...
  3. Cresselia92

    Rules The Writers' Workshop Rulebook & Information Hub

    *snores* Announcements and Events A quiet week, a quiet chance to write and read. Hopefully your writing and reading sessions are going well! :D New Releases Birthday Boy, by @Max1996 If at first you don't succeed..., by @Ihsan997 Dunstan is a fourth-grade student in a cozy yet little-known...
  4. Cresselia92

    TEEN: The Meaning of Power
    Threadmarks: Disk 0, Chapter 3: "Bullies, Athletes and Golden Bonfires"

    Disc 0: The Monster… Coach and the Rainbow! “Bullies, Athletes and Golden Bonfires” *** [Note: this chapter uses Japanese names of Pokémon, people and locations. I’m making sure to help determine who is who and what is what throughout the narration, however.] *** A Lucky Yakisoba for...
  5. Cresselia92

    TEEN: The Meaning of Power

    Belated, but here's a post dedicated to replies to reviews! I will post the new chapter as soon as I'm done with formatting and stuff. Thanks for the support so far! You rock! :3
  6. Cresselia92

    TEEN: Death Is Lonely

    Hello, Namo! Here I am, with my (kinda belated) Secret Santa review! As I wanted to review the entire four-parter (Ha! Four parts, four is death in Japanese, I see what you did here! >:3), I will take a slightly more different reviewing style than usual. So! Onward we go! Chapter 1 Ah. The...
  7. Cresselia92

    TEEN: The Meaning of Power
    Threadmarks: Disc 0, Chapter 2: "Shining Leaves and Phantoms of the Past"

    Thanks everyone for the reviews so far! I really appreciate your support! Truly, it warms my heart! :D I'll answer them very soon, but for now, I hope you'll enjoy this new chapter! ^^ *** [Note: this chapter uses Japanese names of Pokémon, people and locations. I’m making sure to help...
  8. Cresselia92

    Rules The Writers' Workshop Rulebook & Information Hub

    Announcements and Events The first Secret Santa reviews have been delivered. Little reminder that the deadline is January 17 if you want to gain double points at the Review League! We hope that whoever has received their reviews has appreciated them, and that whoever has delivered them had...
  9. Cresselia92

    Event Bulbagarden Reviewing Secret Santa 2020

    Oi! Let’s get to it! Author name: Cresselia92 Primary work: The Meaning of Power Secondary work: N/A, but I will crosspost a oneshot here fairly soon. Am I willing to read MATURE rated fics?: No. Also, I don’t want anything too graphic, like extreme violence or blood. Which chapter(s) I...
  10. Cresselia92

    Rules The Writers' Workshop Rulebook & Information Hub

    Even Clemont is putting all his energy into NaNoWriMo! Announcements and Events Things are quiet on the forums, but for anyone participating to NaNoWriMo you all are very close to the final stretch! We hope you are having good writing sessions, full of inspiration and ideas! :D New Releases...
  11. Cresselia92

    TEEN: The Meaning of Power
    Threadmarks: Disc 0, Chapter 1: "Flashes of Viridian"

    Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power. Abraham Lincoln *** Darkness. There was only cold, wet darkness all around him. An immense weight had crushed his body and was pushing him further and further toward the abyss. Even if his...
  12. Cresselia92

    TEEN: The Meaning of Power

    Two teenagers from another dimension looking for their father. A teenager hunting his father from another dimension. Somehow, they join forces to oppose a newly formed Team Cipher, fighting new and more powerful Shadow Pokémon and threatening Ultra Beasts. A new adventure for three renowned...
  13. Cresselia92

    Rules The Writers' Workshop Rulebook & Information Hub

    Ghosts may be terrible, but GHOSTs are the real deal. Announcements and Events Hello there! As some of you may know already, we have dropped the prizes of the Summer Competition. We hope you are having a spooktacular time and are in the mood of some good writing! :) New Chapters Two new...
  14. Cresselia92

    Writers' Workshop General Chat Thread

    This is how my story The Meaning of Ambition started. It was supposed to be a quick oneshot about “What Nobunaga would do if he were to face N?” and “Dragons fight, so cool!”, and then it turned into a chaptered fiction as I explored other ideas and did a character study of both. So yeah. I get...
  15. Cresselia92

    Rules The Writers' Workshop Rulebook & Information Hub

    Judges are loaded and ready to fire votes. Announcements and Events Hello, peeps! The entries for the Oneshot Competition close today, and with that will start the public vote for the Best Entry. It would be advisable to read them all before voting, there is some really cool stuff to be found...
  16. Cresselia92

    POPULAR: Simple Questions, Simple Answers

    Huh. That sounds… kinda morbid to me. In a setting where there are sentient creatures, having them stuff the skins of other sentient creatures sounds… unsettling, to say the least. If you have regular animals that are stuffed it might be passable at best, but if you have Pokémon stuff other...
  17. Cresselia92

    TEEN: Fl4k3s [Oneshot Competition 2020]

    Hey there, System Error! Thanks for your detailed review! :D I've fixed the typos you have pointed out, and now I'll respond to some of your points. I mean, it's early in the "morning". He probably didn't get thirsty yet. :p Heh. The DIRECTOR isn't quite the smart guy, I dare say. ;) If...
  18. Cresselia92

    Event Summer 2020 Oneshot Competition Discussion

    I’ve had a lot of fun during this competition! It has been an excellent chance to work on new writing techniques and tools which I had never tried before, and I’m definitely happy about the final result. :D It’s far from perfect, I admit. There have been a few things I was forced to scrap due...
  19. Cresselia92

    American Politics Thread

    Alright everyone! A little cooldown might be needed here, so I’ll lock the thread for a while. It’ll be reopened as soon as possible.
  20. Cresselia92

    TEEN: Fl4k3s [Oneshot Competition 2020]
    Threadmarks: > 0x293F [LINK]

    The code 0x293F glows and an unknown force surrounds BEN. He vanishes in a flash of darkness, just as the numbers burst into the terminal, corrupting everything. *** A small room appears around BEN, who notices two signs with unknown texts and a symbol of two Game Boys on a wall. He shifts...