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  1. ReturnofMCH

    have you ever sold a game back?

    I personally have recently been downsizing my collection a lot, so it begs the question: have you ever sold a game back, whether it be gamestop, ebay, a retroshop, or craigslist.
  2. ReturnofMCH

    what parts of games are you nostalgic for (that isn't the game itself)

    for example, multi disc games, video game rentals, memory cards, cartridges, etc etc. for me I miss multi disc epics, it always felt good to move onto a new disc after a massive cliffhanger, plus the sheer amount of discs can tell me I'm in a wild one. but the last game to do that was the 360...
  3. ReturnofMCH

    Your popular video game opinions

    We have one on hot takes, but what about cold takes??? Some of mine: The 360 is microsoft’s best console, same for sega and the genesis/mega drive, and sony with the PS2. Smash melee was a great way to show off the gamecube’s improved abilities compared to the N64. symphony of the night and...
  4. ReturnofMCH

    video game commercials

    let's talk about something underrated in terms of video game marketing: commercials. they have run the gamut of the controversial, the clever, the creepy, the unrepresentative, or the weird I'll use an example of each category I just mentioned View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LM-s5C0dnZs...
  5. ReturnofMCH

    Spoilers Do you pay attention to pre release hype?

    Regardless of opinions on spoilers, every game has pre release info, and whether that in of itself is a spoiler is up to the individual, but I’m asking this. What’s your take on pre release info/hype? Personally I pay attention to it but don’t get hyped, if I pay attention to something that way...
  6. ReturnofMCH

    thematics in games

    we all love a good game, and we all love a good story, but what about the themes behind the story? whether it be generic JRPG #1000000000000000000000000000000000012345678923232332 or a game that goes deep into modern politics, what thematics in games do you love? any you hate? for me I love...
  7. ReturnofMCH

    Romhacks, fangames, randomizers, mods, and fan translations!

    NO LINKING OF ANY SITES WHERE YOU CAN GET THE STUFF TALKED ABOUT HERE, IT IS AGAINST FORUM RULES AND ONLY DISCUSSION IS ALLOWED. Does anyone here play anything like rom hacks or fan translations or the like? I’ve played a lot of fan translations for SNES such as shin megami tensei 1 and fire...
  8. ReturnofMCH

    Plot twists in games

    We all enjoy a good story, but what about the endgame twist? Sometimes it’s obvious what was going to happen, othertimes it’s spoiled later on by a later game, others still it’s memes on or becomes the next darth vader is luke’s father, and then lastly they can sometimes lose their luster over...
  9. ReturnofMCH

    Games that make you cry?

    I made this thread like 3 years ago but it got buried. Oh well take 2: what games make you cry or feel bad for the characters? For me a big one is shin megami tensei 4, as strange as the law endings are, I can’t help but feel bad for the law reps especially when you take them down in neutral or...
  10. ReturnofMCH

    do you watch any twitch streams?

    NO PROMOTION PLEASE I'm curious as that what streams you guys watch on twitch if any, I usually watch speedruns of rpgs, and sometimes mario, but I also watch my friends from various communities, and I USED to watch twitchplayspokemon but stuff I don't wanna talk about happened.
  11. ReturnofMCH

    MCH's Evil Tourney: Final Results (18/1/20)
    Threadmarks: Part 1: Sign Ups

    Hello and welcome to MCH's evil tourney to find a commander to fit his rebellion! as the flavor suggests this will be a BMU game using fictionalized versions of bulba users, some of which may not be active anymore. My co-host and the MoD for this will be @Lone_Garurumon Now let's lay some...
  12. ReturnofMCH

    up vs down 88: drake and josh vs cory in the house

    here we go, two sitcoms made for kids on two different channels and two different memes with them to boot. one is often regarded as the best anime of all time, the other has lots of goofy scenes that became memes, most notably one in the treehouse with no door. The usual rules apply which are...
  13. ReturnofMCH

    Mafia Kingdom Hearts Mafia: Endgame, Mafia Wins! (14/6/18)
    Threadmarks: OP

    It was a particularly busy time at the Mysterious Tower. Considerable time had passed since Sora and Riku’s Mark of Mastery exam, and much had changed. Aqua had been retrieved from The Realm of Darkness, and with her guidance to The Chamber of Waking, they had successfully located Ventus and...
  14. ReturnofMCH

    Mafia 90's Game Mafia! Day 0: Sign Ups

    Hello and welcome to 90's game mafia, a game hosted by two children of the 90s, @Rainbow Cloud and myself. now for this we will be using the Zexy approved TWR standard ruleset.
  15. ReturnofMCH

    Up vs Down v73! Featuring Dante From the Devil May Cry Series & Knuckles

    this one should be self explanatory. Rules: 1. All standard Fun and Games rules apply 2. Once you pick a team, you absolutely may not switch sides. Please mention me when making your first post. 3. No ping-ponging. You must wait until two users have posted after you in order to post again. If...
  16. ReturnofMCH

    Up vs Down number 64! King of the Iron World Warrior (Street Fighter vs Tekken)

    okay let's just cut to the chase. it's the forefather of 2D fighting games vs it's 3D equivalent There are two sides to play on this game, which are The World Warriors, and The Kings of the Iron Fist. You cannot switch sides after joining the game. The World Warriors, can only count up to...
  17. ReturnofMCH

    Mafia Random Messages Mafia 2! Endgame: Tyranny of the Trolls (1/4/17)
    Threadmarks: Day 0: The Prelude to Random

    Random Messages 2 Mafia Enzap sat back in his office, overlooking RM, and reminisced about the bad old days. "How in the world did it ever come to this?" he mused, as he watched the RM regulars going about their business, "I'm the Section Head of Fun and Games, and I've been promoted to Super...
  18. ReturnofMCH

    Up vs Down Volume 54: Composer Conflict (Yoko Shimomura vs John Williams)

    two famous composers, two outstanding careers, two still ongoing legacies one does movies and one is from games for reference on their works John Williams did star wars, indianna jones, ET, harry potter, jarussic park, and jaws to name a few yoko shimomura did street fighter II, kingdom...
  19. ReturnofMCH

    up vs down v 40! 7.8/10 too much evil (IGN vs Gamespot)

    two mainstream gaming news sites one is known for not doing their research and assigning people from another division to write biased reviews the other for never writing anything above 6.0 and having trolls that rival 4chan in terms of the flame wars. either way, both are equally matched, so...
  20. ReturnofMCH

    Mafia tvtropes mafia: endgame: site is down (MAFIA WIN) 9/26/2016

    Welcome to TvTropes Mafia! In this game, 10 tropes have been selected as characters. For more information about what tropes are and how the entire TvTropes site operates, you may want to check the site's main page: TV Tropes Expected start time: whenever the following conditions are met...