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  1. NeoMiniTails

    Lillie and the Galar Region and other Companions

    So I'm finally playing my Pokemon Moon game (I bought it when it came out but gave it to my nephew for awhile...) Anyways, it made me wonder if Lillie will ask Ash if she could travel with him to the Galar Region. I know anime/game Lillie have very different storylines... But still... It had...
  2. NeoMiniTails

    Any One-off characters that could've made interesting major/supporting characters?

    As I've been watching a lot of older episodes, I've been wondering how interesting the story would've been had they developed certain characters rather than making them just a COTD. AJ, Giselle, and Joe would've been interesting for the anime to have developed them and show how their different...
  3. NeoMiniTails

    Sun and Moon: Filler Development Appreciation Time

    It's crazy to me how so many fandoms fear the idea of "filler" episodes. Of course, there is such thing as too much in-between episodes that do little for the actual plot however I feel like people, especially in this fandom, put too much importance on specific events happening to make an...
  4. NeoMiniTails

    GeekChicShipping (Serena x Citron) Thread

    I know that I may just be crazy, but there's something about this pairing that I just like.. I know they don't have any flashback scenes, but the hints can come and I'll be there to fanboy over them.:shy::XD2: So go ahead and post and say why you like this pairing, please. :banana::phew: What...
  5. NeoMiniTails

    Our Destinies Intertwined//PG-13//Romance:Action-Adventure:Drama

    Prologue: New Story, New Lives, Same Ol' Folks No matter how much you wish time could stop, it won't. That's how it was, is, and how it will always be. Celebi knew this well especially as a time guardian, he accepted this and lived his life with a semi-denial of this truth by traveling...
  6. NeoMiniTails

    20 Years Later: A Somber Reunion (BullFinch and NeoMiniTails)

    It was probably the sweetest yet coldest, darkest winter ever but it felt good to the violet eyed priestess. The wind blew at incredible speeds and the rain fell roughly, and here she was walking through it, enjoying the very nostalgia of it all, not once running and trying to get into a safe...
  7. NeoMiniTails

    The Shadows Light Cast

    You can come here to say anything ooc, ask a question, your plot ideas... Or whatever... Place it here... And also because I don't wanna be the big man all the time, you can get a vote here if you want something added... So here we go...
  8. NeoMiniTails

    Vengeful Hearts (NeoMiniTails and GodzillaWolf private rp)

    The shrine's flames burned violently, twisting and smoking greater than usual. Darkness was soon to descend upon them, and Rei seemed to be the only one with knowledge of this. The outer senshi seemed to have disappeared or had probably been researching the issue long before the visions...
  9. NeoMiniTails

    The Shadows Light Casts

    For the sign up, go here: http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/showthread.php?p=1832799#post1832799 The rules are there and the main plot is in there. There is also a format for your original characters to go through to get approved so that we don't have a thousand or even one Mary sue running around...
  10. NeoMiniTails

    The Shadows Light Cast

    Hello everyone! This is the sign up thread for The Shadows The Light Cast: a crossover between Sailor Moon, Digimon, Pokemon, and Inuyasha. For the most part, there'll need to be people who'll choose people canon to the show and also OCs. If you have an original character (oc), it will have to...