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    GEN VI: A Powerful Greninja.

    I would like to use a Greninja for future competition and stuff. I would Offer shiny: Kyurem, Phione, and Regigigas. for Greninja. I preferred for it to be 5 perfect IVs, and don't really care if it's shiny or not. And if you offer a shiny 6IV and clone for all 3, that's fine. I don't...
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    Contest#2 (6IV ditto)

    It's been 6 mouths sense the last contest, I had shiny ralts last Offer. Now that I have tones of Pokemon that I never use and just hanging around in pokebank, I decide to just give them away once in awhile. Here's how the contest will go, last time I had a guessing game from #1-100. Now you...
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    GEN VI: 5 or 6IV imposter ditto.

    I'am trying to get impostor ditto that I would really like to use in battles, or cause I don't have a ditto that's impostor. I would like a strong one as well, I don't mind clone but I do mind hack. So I have good nature, 5IV, Pokemon for it: -gastly -hawlucha
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    GEN VI: Need Shaymin 4 Pokedex.

    Hello, I need a request from anyone who would be willing to give me a shaymin. I have caught 717 pokemon, every single except 1. I need a Shaymin. It turns out that the last Shaymin form black 2 was actually a action-reply pokemon, so I can't transport it over to X an Y. I really need a Shaymin...
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    GEN VI: Some help to complete my Pokedex.

    Hi my goal is to complete the national pokedex before may the 30th, I have done it in the last game but I want to start all over. right now I'am completing it in order from top to down, so I'am 3/4 done in coastal pokedex. (don't worry about the first it's done) but the problem is Pokemon that...
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    Offering Male ralts with good moves.

    Hi I have a shiny male ralts with the move Thunder and Ice Punch, sorry it's IV's are random and not sure what it is? This is my second to last shiny ralts but this one has a special move that can be only be taught in black or white 2 (I think or maybe emerald). I don't believe I'll get...
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    GEN VI: looking for Squirtle & Ditto

    Hello they're two Pokemon that I'am looking for but not the same kind: -Squirtle with hidden ability(Rain dish) -Ditto with perfect IV's I have a couple of shinys to offer for ditto ( If it's from japan I'll trade you three shinys for it ). And for Squirtle with Rain Dish, I have a few...
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    GEN VI: Looking for ditto.

    (I know I posted this earilier but the person who decide never came.) I' am lookin for a perfect IV's Ditto. I have a shiny eevee to give away for that. but if it's form differnt country I'll give you two more shinys. I'll be looking forward to anyone who's interested.
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    GEN VI: Looking for Ralts.

    I'am looking for Ralts with a hidden ability Telepathy. I don't really care about IV's or gender. I have two shinys that you can choose from: Rapidash(with pokerus), and Zangoose. Both of them I got from wonder trade. If you have one feel free to make your own egg and hatch one, and then get a...
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    GEN VI: Looking for ditto.

    I'am looking for ditto, not just any ditto. I am looking for a 6ivs Ditto. so I can breed it to my chimchar. I'll give away a shiny eevee to who's ever first to offer. P.S: If the Ditto is also outside of america (like from japan an other). then I'll give away three shinys.