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  1. PinkIceFox

    Speculation Unova Remakes

    Not gonna lie, if a Unova remake looks anything like the Diamond and Pearl one does I'd kinda prefer they just stop making them in general. :\ I liked the remakes because they added to the experience and changed the look of things to match the current generation its made beside. If I want a...
  2. PinkIceFox

    Your favorite 'obscure' character

    There's a birdkeeper on route 14 I believe that refers to the Legendary Birds calling them the Winged Mirages. I like him because that's really the only time Kanto seems to have any hint of legend lore outside Mr. Fuji's diary about mew and mewtwo. Plus he's a bird keeper so it feels like...
  3. PinkIceFox

    Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl General Discussion

    They could have at least given dawn some friggin pants. (*I am a salty sally today, forgive me. I was expecting a game to come in the mail today and it still hasn't yet so I am grouchy at everything*) Comparing her battle model with her Masters model and ugh it looks like they flared her shirt...
  4. PinkIceFox

    Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl General Discussion

    Man the moment I saw the overworld models I was turned off buying it instantly. I will never insult XY and ORAS's overworld models again. Good sweet christ on a cracker I dislike the somewhat squishied designs but gods do I LOATHE BABY CHIBIS. I'm not even gonna complain about Let's Go's...
  5. PinkIceFox

    PinkIceFox does art sometimes!

    Hey I finally drew something again! And weirdly its another redesign. I have like never done redesigns before these two. Though this one is more giving female Sawsbuck a form that looks like a female deer. I wanted to make the colors a mix of deerling and sawsbuck, and the overall design more...
  6. PinkIceFox

    Gen 8 Mythical Pokemon

    Considering Mythical Pokemon are usually just glorified movie ads and rare simply because of limited release and availability... Gods I sure as heck hope there's no more this gen. Mythicals are the worst.
  7. PinkIceFox

    Speculation Gen 9 Predictions (Development predictions, New Regions, Version names)

    I just hope that if they do have a free camera that they, y'know actually let me look up and down more than a tiny bit. Sweet Helix do I hate the fact I can't look straight up. What, are they scared someone's gonna try to look into the black void that is inevitably under any skirt in the game...
  8. PinkIceFox

    Male vs. Female

    I kinda prefer females if I want to breed a pokemon at some point since you can only get the pokemon that was the mom when breeding. Though for the most part I just roll with whatever I get. Unlike my girlfriend who had some kind of crazy witchcraft luck when she played pokemon and her teams...
  9. PinkIceFox

    Your favourite unevolved Pokémon

    *holds up a snubbull* LOOKIT MY BABY. I dont dislike Granbull at all. I just love snubble a ton.
  10. PinkIceFox

    Your favourite Ghost-type Pokémon (Hallowe'en special!)

    I'd say either Pumpkaboo or Sableye. Or a spoiler.
  11. PinkIceFox

    Your controversial opinions

    Well its less sentimental value and more doing that and then a while down the line someone hears me mention it and is like "OMGWTFBBQ YOU DID WHAT?!". Because part of my aspergers fuels my anxiety with a constant stream of FEAR OF OTHER PEOPLE REACTING TO ME. (Gasp, how horrifying! Well...
  12. PinkIceFox

    Your controversial opinions

    Oh boy! All my life I've had feelings about things that go against the grain (mainly due to aspergers probably). TIME TO SHARE MY POKEMON ONES. -Dexit was fine. For me I always play using pokemon I caught in the game (mostly because I always put myself into the world in any game I play. Why...
  13. PinkIceFox

    PinkIceFox does art sometimes!

    Aww thank you so much! <3 I really wanna draw more often and pokemon's probably one of the best was for me to do that.
  14. PinkIceFox

    Does anyone else associate some Pokémon with certain moves?

    This one's gonna seem to be completely random to everyone since Clefairy can't learn the move but... Screech with Clefairy. My girlfriend and I used to rp and had a lot of OCs for it. One of hers was a guy who had fairy type pokemon including a Clefairy (and a Wigglytuff who actually CAN learn...
  15. PinkIceFox

    Do you name your boxes?

    I have at least one box labeled as 'Friends' where I keep pokemon I've used the most (this one was mainly adopted from when I do Nuzlocke challenges). The rest of my boxes are sorted by type and named as such. Though I tend to combine types into one box if there aren't too many of that type. I...
  16. PinkIceFox

    What aspect of Pokemon games do you care about most?

    1. The Pokemon themselves. Can't really have a pokemon game without the pokemon, yeah? 2. World Building. The Lore of the region, the characters in it, and interesting things about the region and pokemon in it. I like immersing myself in the games I play so I like when the world feels like its...
  17. PinkIceFox

    PinkIceFox does art sometimes!

    Hey y'all I like to draw and stuff! But I don't draw that often anymore, probably because I don't really have anyone to show it to who'd like it besides my girlfriend. SO I'M GONNA SHARE IT WITH YOU. And maybe I'll feel less discouraged and want to draw more often. My mother gave me a digital...
  18. PinkIceFox

    Is your favorite starter the first one you ever picked?

    Don't get me wrong, I still love charmander to death. But Fennekin and its line are my favorite, along with Litten's line in a close second.
  19. PinkIceFox

    What was the first Pokemon you ever caught?

    Considering my first game was Blue Version... it was either pidgey or rattata.