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    Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gens 1-7)

    Re: Simple Questions + Simple Answers: ORAS Edition You'll need to reacquire it via Streetpass, yes.
  2. H

    Your thoughts on confusion?

    A revision of its exact effects would be much appreciated. The whole 'Hurt itself in its confusion' is a bit, well, nonsensical in some scenarios. If you're using Water Gun, how would that exactly work? Making Confusion work as maybe more of a additional accuracy debuff with differing...
  3. H

    How would you improve certain pokeballs?

    I'm liking these here, but regarding the Heal Ball it could probably go for, in addition, a healing after x number of steps thing. Maybe every 64 steps, it heals the pokemon inside by 1/16th of its maximum health, and a random move regains 20% (rounded down) of its max PP?
  4. H

    GEN VI: Wanted: Shiny Swirlix

    Any there any restrictions on what kind of Swirlix? Does it need good IVs or egg moves? Also, are your shinies listed notable in any way, or are they just trophies? I can likely get you what you need for the Braviary.
  5. H

    GEN VI: Pokés I'm looking for

    This is rather vague. What sort of Reshiram/Musketeer do you want? Hoenn Born? Any? Good IVs? Shiny? I have a number of miscellaneous ones sitting around from BW and can get ORAS ones if desired, for the Sharpedo, of course.
  6. H

    Wonder Trade Thread: Dat Wascly Wabbit!

    It'd really depend on the OT/Number. If it's 'Ash' and the ID is 01337, it's almost certainly illegitimate.
  7. H

    What will N do now?

    Yeah, and the fact the pokemon there were abused, just like the ones he knew growing up would also help. That said, I'd expect it to be in Z version if anything.
  8. H

    What move(s) do you always have on your teams?

    Crunch. Alot of pokemon I use end up learning it at some point.
  9. H

    Which unbuyable items should be buyable?

    I'd rather be able to buy Heart Scales. Plus, with 2 Masterballs in BW, I'd say we're being spoiled atm.
  10. H

    The best Pokémon come backs.

    The exp chart's respective formulas probably are even better to use too.
  11. H

    Team Plasma

    Well, he's referred to as a Man in game, so probably at least 18.
  12. H

    New Pokémon Discussion

    You gotta admit though, most of the time when you catch a pokemon, it's only 10 - 15 or so more levels until it evolves. It's only seriously bad with eggs. Yaknow, like the Meraruba you get on Route 18. The one that evolves at LEVEL 59.
  13. H

    Most hated move?

    OH GOD. I forgot about that. The fact that it made the Beasts stop showing up was even worse too.
  14. H

    Why do so many people hate gen III?

    Well, IRL, Oceans are yaknow, huge. However, in that regard, it should be noted that you're usually not going to find much near the surface of the water if you're not near the coast. Thus, the encounter rate on the surface should be much, much lower. But I digress.
  15. H

    Why hallo thar!

    fix'd Welcome to Bulbagarden. I'm Carrottime. You should avoid me at all costs.
  16. H

    Most hated move?

    Confuse Ray /thread
  17. H

    Why do so many people hate gen III?

    Except without the ability to properly gain lots of money until you beat the Elite 4, how do you expect to be able to afford enough of them? The answer? You cant.
  18. H

    What's the Most Foolish Thing You've done with a Master Ball?

    Abra. Though I am kind of justified for using it on one, but still.
  19. H

    New Pokémon Discussion

    I suppose Aianto getting Truant for it's Dream World Ability would lead alot of people to thinking this, eh? On the topic of Steel types, you almost never fight any, and Zuruggu/Zuruzukin or Nageki/Dageki are more than enough to smash through any you have to fight.
  20. H

    Team Plasma

    It was his Basketball.