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    Trainer AI

    How do AIs decide what to do?
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    Where do I put this puestion

    I have a question about how trainers work. Where do start a thread about it?
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    20 Questions

    I found a thread giving away a Shiny Salamance if you could guess the user's favorite pokemon. I am thinking of a Pokemon(not Banette or Wobbuffet) which is my 3rd favorite and you have to try to guess it with 20 clues. (You can go over) Example: (Person 1: #1: Is it green? Person 2...
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    Contest Flygon vs Volcarona

    Which is better? I couldn't find a thread like this, so I made it.
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    Posting challenge

    Your posts must contain a J, Q, X, and/or an Z, and/or can't contain any E's (Except for proper nouns). Posts also must make sense. In every post, ask a sentence and answer the previous one. (If you are really stuck, ask a viable synonym for the word you are stuck on) I can't find...
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    Holon/new video games

    Do you think there should be a pokemon game that takes place in Holon? How about one with anime-style battling? Post your ideas/comments here!