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  1. Alolan Ninetales

    Snowpoint Academy OOC thread

    @Lone_Garurumon @Flaze @Rocket Queen @Prez @Midorikawa @Mad Max @Ananfal @SpatiallyRendering @Gengarzilla @Yun @Ryoma Maser @Naoto This is where you can post any questions, ideas, comments! If you want to say anything here, feel free to. ^^
  2. Alolan Ninetales

    Start Ups Snowpoint Academy

    Winter seemed to be year around in the area surrounding Snowpoint City, and the part of Mt. Coronet that faced it. Heavy snow and unforgiving winds howled, yet there was no sound. The academy was well cloaked in the constant precipitation. However, it is a well known academy within the Sinnoh...
  3. Alolan Ninetales

    Notice Welcome our newest staff member!

    If you haven't seen the latest results of the staff drive, I'm pleased to announce that @Midorikawa has joined us in the ranks as RP staff. I know she'll make a wonderful asset to the team, and will do a great job. So please join me in welcoming her as the newest Rp mod! Congratulations!
  4. Alolan Ninetales

    Sign Ups Snowpoint Academy

    Deep within in the Sinnoh Region, there's an academy that stands in the outskirts of Snowpoint City. It is based near Mt. Coronet, and is surrounded by woods, lakes, and the caves within Mt. Coronet's walls. It has been called one of the more prestigious academies throughout Sinnoh. Students...