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    Ruby speed run party discussion.

    Over on facebook, I had a discussion over what the best party to use in a speed run. the two that neither of us could out argue are. Blazkin Solo with HM slaves and zigzangoon line with pickup for potion farming and Mudkip starter with 3 zangoons early/mid for rare candy farming with the...
  2. V

    What would you like to see in future games.

    I don't know if this is the right area for this so yeah. I'v been playing the games since Red/blue were released in NZ and while I always have and still do love the games, some things rub me the wrong way or jsut don't agree with me. These are my personally thoughts for the Pokémon games...
  3. V

    Plot Scenario Generator webiste

    WatchingVsuace and saw this, Plot Scenario Generator webiste. Does what it says on the box, and not sure how much help something like this will be, but thought it worth posting. Plot Scenario Generator
  4. V

    TEEN: A Journey of 1000 miles

    Hey everyone, I'm vulcan539, and this is my first ever fanfic. I apologise in advance for the how terrible this will be. English was my worst subject at school, and I struggled with it the entire time I was there but, I hope to improve my writing and story telling skill as time goes on. I'm...
  5. V

    Vulcan539 pokemon art

    Hey guys I do some pokemon art. For the most part I'll be posting links from my tumblr. Gen 1 & 2 revampe thing I'm working on. Vulcan539 SFW Tumblr • 5 more down and just over 200 to go. And a picture I drew of Muk
  6. V

    Hello Everyone

    Hello everyone on the bulbagarden forums. I'm vulcan539, been watching playing the games since it first aired in New Zealand a good 15 or so years ago. And last year started re watching the series for episode one. after nearly a decade hiatus from the show. Now I'm hear, doing stuff. working...