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    Alligator helps officers apprehend fleeing suspect

    Alligator helps officers apprehend fleeing suspect One of the locals commented on this article, the Florida Fish and Game know about this gator and there will be nothing brought against her, as she was merely acting on natural instinct to protect a nest that the crook was close enough to to...
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    Dratini Distribution District

    I'm Shiny-Hunting for a female Dratini and I've filled up two boxes with the little suckers. Anyone want them? They are all level 1, some have egg moves and a couple have Surf cuz I'm also trying to fill my pokedex *hinthint*, and they were helping me with water pokemon. Post a claim here, I...
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    Woman Dumps Boyfriend After Finding Him With Another Woman Online

    Read the original story HERE. Internet: Screwing up affairs since 1958.
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    Pit Bull Saves Family From House Fire

    Read the original story here This, is freaking BEAUTFIL. I love pit bulls. I love dog stories. I love pit bull dog stories. This one takes the cake.
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    Wanted: EV Berries

    Hello everyone! You may or may not remember my old shop, Kitty's Hydreigon Hellions. Well, with Black 2 and White 2 out now, Hydreigon are easier to come by, and are no longer fun to raise. So I let the shop go. After beating White 2, I`ve decided to start work on a team for competitive...
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    WANTED: Charmander

    Hey, I need a little help with something guys. I would like someone to trade me a LEGAL Charmander. Gender/Ability/Moveset/Level doesn't matter, so long as you didn't hack it. In exchange, I can offer a Zorua that knows Snarl or a Shiny Gyarados. Any takers?
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    Dog killed while saving owner from train

    Source As much as I love stories about animals saving people/each other, I`m gonna have to call bullshit on this one. See if you can figure out why.
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    Kitty's Hydreigon Hellions!

    Howdy howdy all! I am Catilena1890, a Hydreigon Breeder, and today is your lucky day! I`ve mastered the art of raising weak little Deino into badass Hydreigon, and I am offering my services to you! It can be tough raising the most powerful of all the dragon pseudo's, but I can make it happen...
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    Who was the Better Contest Side-Rival, Harley or Ursula?

    So sometime last year, I did a little rant about character recycling, and emphasized how much I hated well-written characters being replaced by cheap knock offs, using Harley and Ursula *and Conway* as an example. However, since I made that post, I`ve talked with fellow fans and found they they...
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    Brother My Brother: Zekrom and Reshiram

    Even though I totally think Reshiram is female, I will go with male for the sake of the video. Made this quite awhile ago but never thought of showing it here, I am going to show it off now. I had just gotten Brother my Brother by Blessed Union of Souls on my ipod, and as I listened to it I...
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    Most Annoying Pokemon you ever legitimately leveled?

    Of all the pokemon you raised over the years, which was the toughest? There are easy pokemon to level, and then there are others that make it difficult at best to get to level 100 *or even evolve, if you don't want to go that high* legitimately? When I mean Legit, I mean you didn't use an Action...
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    Do you agree with the writers choice for the mascot of the BW anime?

    I am curious as to why they picked Oshawott to be the mascot of Ash's team with Pikachu? They made such a big deal out of Zorua and Zoroark before G5 was officially out, and now that it is out, we don't seem to really see them in the anime except for the one movie and Luke's Zorua. In the...
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    Peep-a-boo! My name is Catilena1890, but you guys can call me Cat or Kitty. I`m fairly new to the forums, but I`m a long-time fan of Bulbapedia and I rely on you guys for so much info. In fact, I rely on the information you guys have in order to run my own pokemon site effectively, from the...