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    Season 18: Pokémon the Series: XY - Dub Episode Title Thread

    I have brought this issue up before, but do we have an specific place where we are allowed to post the TV ratings for the dub? I mean. It would be great way to not only compare how the show is going now, but to see if it's fairing better than before or declining. Although TV Ratings threads do...
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    News New Opening Theme: Mad-Paced Getter by Tomohisa Sako

    Re: New Opening Theme: Getter Banban by Tomohisa Sako I have to admit. This is an incredible opening and unlike the previous opening, this one actually sounds good. It also gives me a best wishes da vibe to it.
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    The Region 1 Pokemon DVDs are terrible and yet nobody cares

    I'm so lucky to be an australian in these circumstances. We have without a doubt the distributor anyone could really ask for. Although movies 1-3 seem like they will never make their way down here :(
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    Review M17: Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction

    Ummm... They don't use synthesizers anymore in the dub. Pretty sure most if not all of XY's dub music is fully orchestrated
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    A New Change in Serena's Character Design...

    NO NO NO!! She looks perfect the way she is. UGH! Don't ruin her.
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    Preview XY059: Satoshi and Serena's First Date!? The Tree of Promises and the Presents!!

    I can see this episode ending up as one giant tease. Which will infuriate Amour shippers everywhere causing a world wide protest.
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    Review XY039: Pokémon Summer Camp! Enter the Rival Trio!!

    This episode was so freaking kawaii! i feel like every character and every episode should stay like this, and we can have this endless slice of life little bundle!!~~~ Oh god, and Serena at the end <3 She's finally realizing she needs a goal, although i hope she remembers her main goal is Mr...
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    Pokémon anime going strong in India: Up to 57.1 million viewers for Hungama TV airing

    Re: Pokémon anime going strong in India: Up to 57.1 million viewers for Hungama TV ai Firstly, Best wishes is the reason why the anime lost so much popularity, Anyways. XY Has been averaging between 5.0-6.0 and is constantly in the top 10, which is still pretty impressive and i think it's...
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    Did you LIKE or HATE Iris?

    Hating is such a strong word, and i couldn't ever hate a character, especially seeing as iris has done nothing that is worth me hating on her. Although on the otherhand. She is considerably annoying and i have no idea how ash managed to spend over 100 episodes with her without going insane.
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    Preview XY042: Team Battle! Competing for the Hall of Fame!!

    Pikachu being used makes no sense. Let's just have a starter battle but include 1 random pokemon, shall we?
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    Review S17 EP29: Heroes - Friends and Faux Alike!

    Lmao, are they going to keep airing the episodes in this order? because the dub will be ahead of the original in a few weeks.
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    Review S17 EP26: A Battle by Any Other Name!

    How can anyone be sick of the shipping in pokemon? Besides now. When was the last time shipping played a plot in the pokemon anime? actually. The last episode that might have even be considered ship related was around 10 episodes back. So it's not a common occurrence. Anyways. I thought this...
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    Pokemon Changes Timeslot On Cartoon Network

    Well given the fact that pokemon games are releasing worldwide on the same day now. I think they do. XY aired months after the games were already out, which isn't the best when it comes to a marketing perspective. And whatever the animators do with the ruby and saphire remakes, TCPI will be...
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    SPOILERS: New opening and ending: "Mega V (Mega Volt)" and "Peace Smile"

    Good opening with a horrible song. When was the last time the dub had a better opening? because that's what is happening right now.
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    Pokemon Changes Timeslot On Cartoon Network

    Because the show that is replacing pokemon already has a "GOOD" timeslot when it premiers, not to mention constant "GOOD" timeslots throughout the week, and you know what they are showing on Pokemon's former timeslot? Repeats of that show "Not Premiers" I'll like to see you come up with a...
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    Pokemon Changes Timeslot On Cartoon Network

    They are switching it for another third party show which doesn't rate as much, where is the logic behind that?
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    Pokemon Changes Timeslot On Cartoon Network

    Starting May the 3rd New Saturday Morning Lineup 7am - Tenkai Knights (PREMIERES, replaces Tom and Jerry Show) 7:30am - Beyraiderz (replaces Tenkai Knights; it's just reruns for now) 8am - Pokémon XY (PREMIERES, replaces Beyraiderz) 8:30 - Johnny Test (replaces Pokémon XY) Now, what...
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    Review S17 EP14: Seeking Shelter From the Storm!

    They can use that piece as many times as they want, while they could not with the original piece.
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    Review S17 EP14: Seeking Shelter From the Storm!

    TPCI deserves to take a bow, because the piano music that played during the flashback was just brilliant!
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    Rocketshipping General Discussion

    Was quite bored, so i came up with this :p http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwoTdiOi7YI