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    How are you preparing for the release?

    With 10-17 days left until release, what are you guys planning for release day? A midnight release party? Taking off school/work? No midnight release for me, but I'm taking paid vacation Friday-Sunday, getting up early Friday morning to take the little one to school doing some thorough...
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    Share you favorite holiday recipes!

    Now that Halloween's over, we can shift our focus to my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving! I'm totally in charge of cooking this year and I finally have a decent sized kitchen to work with, so I'll be experimenting a lot. Any of y'all got some fantastic holiday recipes you're willing to share? To...
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    Halloween Party!

    The next BattleSpot tournament is going to be a spooky one! 3v3 Battlespot Singles Ghost-types only, Giratina and Rotom are banned All teams must have a Super-Size Gourgeist. Registration is from October 16th-23rd. Tournament is from October 24th-26th. Will you be entering? What...