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    Should Gender play a bigger role?

    I've thought of a couple ways that gender could play a bigger role in the games. I had a third but it was a stretch. Please read and comment. And if you guys don't like the second option I'll just delete it. Gender affecting strength, speed and potency - Let's say if a male version of a...
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    Am I the only one who doesn't like evolution through trading?

    I get that they want to encourage players to trade pokemon and that it can be fun for some but everytime I do it I feel very underwhelmed. It doesn't have that special feeling like leveling up has. Even using a stone on a pokemon can feel rewarding if you use it at the time you feel is right...
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    Best old game for a beginner?

    I'm trying to get my mom into the Pokemon games. I tried with Pokemon Soul Silver but there were too many unfamiliar pokemon and she didn't like the dual screens. So I'm going to get her something for the GBA. I'm thinking Fire Red may be the best choice. It's one of the latest Gen 3 games...
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    Has collecting them all become difficult yet?

    The last time I tried collecting them all was back in the Gold/Silver days and I haven't tried sense. I imagine it must be a tad difficult catching, training, trading, evolving etc. in order to get a full Pokedex. Have you been successful so far with keeping up with new Pokemon? Have you...
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    How come Charmeleon and Charizard were so mean?

    For the past few months I've been researching old Pokemon mysteries (at least they're mysteries to ME) and thankfully most of my questions have been answered. Like the GS Ball thing. However one still eludes me. How come when Charmander evolved it became spiteful and mean towards Ash?
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    Question about Arceus

    Keep in mind that I have not seen any movie or special involving Arceus. If Arceus is a god or god, why did he create Humans who are (in most cases) superior to Pokemon? Pokemon may be strong but they can't do most of the things Humans can. Plus Humans capture, control and pit Pokemon...
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    Hi, I'm new!

    Hi, I'm Cyborger. To start off I'm going to be honest and say that I'm only really here for the games. I stopped watching the show after Dawn was introduced. I never read the manga and I stopped playing the card game after YuGiOh came out. Then I quit YuGiOh and went to Magic: The Gathering and...