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  1. DCM

    Pokémon you like in concept, but not design

    lol I hadn't thought about that before but Toxtricity absolutely has a muppet face. I also think Dhelmise is a really great idea that doesn't translate super well. I really like the idea of Absol but think it really is just kind of a below average pokemon.
  2. DCM

    The Gyms and the League - DP Style or Pt Style?

    genuinely didn't know that! thanks for the info! I would just like to see Gamefreak start to transition these mythical or legendary pokemon to being used by some of the late game trainers and think the champion would make sense for that.
  3. DCM

    The Gyms and the League - DP Style or Pt Style?

    Mainly thinking about the accessibility of the legendaries - I think the max lair is a very strange addition to pokemon on a world-building level (and also think the treatment of the re-skinned legendary birds offers a view of legendary pokemon less exclusive than in past generations.) There's...
  4. DCM

    How do you feel about competitive breeding and training?

    I think Gamefreak has made major moves to increase accessibility to IVs, EVs, all of it, which is really great for getting more people involved in competitive pokemon battling. I wish they were more forthcoming with this information - even being explicit about it and how it works, for those who...
  5. DCM

    The Villain Team

    I think this is the most interesting way for them to take this, and also would allow Gamefreak to emphasize the world w/out focusing too much on creating a compelling storyline around an antagonist. If people want conflict, you can battle Pokemon and Rival trainers. Why not shift the typical...
  6. DCM

    The Gyms and the League - DP Style or Pt Style?

    I would much rather have the PT style gym leaders than the DP style gym leaders - more so than other third versions I think platinum really offered Gamefreak an opportunity to rebalance the region and the gym leaders and I much preferred their revised composition. Going out on a limb here...
  7. DCM

    HMs - Keep or Toss?

    Hot take - I think HMs offer slight restrictions on the player without too much of a cost. I don't mind the idea, in the story, of having players have to pay some cost for the ability to travel to more places (rock smash / strength / surf) or for the convenience of faster travel (fly). I would...
  8. DCM

    Breeding Competitive Pokemon in the 7th Generation Guide

    Any chance this thread will be updated now that we're in the 8th generation? :bulbaWave:
  9. DCM

    Dynamax: Thoughts, Feelings, or Concerns

    I think Dynamax is a major bummer of a mechanic - I wish there was more interaction between moves / items and the Dynamax status. I don't understand why Brick Break doesn't break the Dynamax pokemon's barrier - it seems like a wasted opportunity. Similarly, multi-hit moves not breaking multiple...
  10. DCM

    No Pokemon Z?

    As a reminder, how you communicate matters as much as what you say. If conversation keeps teetering away from discussion of the games (or lack thereof) and towards other people's personal history of gaming, we will start cracking heads. FURTHERMORE, even if someone was new to the series, saying...
  11. DCM

    Smogon bans and suspect tests discussion

    I don't think I've actually seen any good arguments from the Anti-Ban side. What are the benefits to having a Greninja Metagame? I've been playing the suspect ladder a lot and I really like the meta without him.
  12. DCM

    Smogon bans and suspect tests discussion

    As a general reminder, treat each other respectfully while posting about these potential bans. I understand things can get heated, but remember to address the argument, not the poster.
  13. DCM

    Smogon bans and suspect tests discussion

    Announcement - np: ORAS OU Suspect Testing, Round 1 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles | Smogon Forums Greninja Suspect Thread is up. Don't forget to get Reqs so you can vote.
  14. DCM

    General Chat Thread

    Super agree with this. Greninja is too strong and has too many options to not be considered for a suspect test. I'm interested to see how it turns out, I'll actually be trying to get Reqs for this one so I can vote (last one I voted in was the MLucario round of testing. ) I've heard mumblings...
  15. DCM

    Smogon bans and suspect tests discussion

    do you think Talonflame would be worthy of a suspect test if stealth rock wasn't an issue? what about the charizards?
  16. DCM

    Smogon bans and suspect tests discussion

    I remember seeing a lot of discussion about banning stealth rock when Diamond and Pearl came out. I don't think banning stealth rock would overcentralize the meta around spikes / toxic spikes (nor do I think we could ever have a metagame centralized around those... not with defog around), but I...
  17. DCM

    General Chat Thread

    so my local game stop is having a tournament to celebrate ORAS and I'm thinking of making a third gen only team. I'm not even sure where to start. I'm torn between using megaman / megacham / megavoir / mega mawile (I'm kinda iffy on that last one, TBH.) I'm thinking if I run not mega gardevoir...
  18. DCM

    General Chat Thread

    congrats dude! I want to try to go after the number one spot for UU but it's actually the meta I'm least involved with.
  19. DCM

    Would it be all right with 5 good IVs?

    Simple Questions and Answers would be a better place for this. It would be completely fine if it didn't have a 31 in attack, though.
  20. DCM

    General Mega Evolution Thread

    Dragon Pulse doesn't really hit much that you would want him to be hitting anyways. I'd go with Focus Blast / Roost, depending on how you want to run him. I've seen a lot of attempts at making Charizard Y into Will O Wisp / Roost, but I'm not sure how well that would go.