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    Will this ever happen in Pokemon?

    I think Brock should leave the group hes been on the show to long and he doesn't do anything interesting now hes just a background charter. Misty will return but not as a main charter she will probably make an appearance sometime in Sinnoh. The GS Ball has been forgotten it will never...
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    brock's 4th sinnoh pokemon!

    Brock's 4th Pokemon should be a Magnemite it would be his first Electric Pokemon also he trained one in DP088 also it can learn moves like ThunderShock,Magnet Bomb and Zap Cannon also if he trained it well it could evolve in a Magneton.
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    "High Touch!" and "Ashita wa Kitto" impressions

    Misty made an appearance in High Touch that must mean she's going to appear in a future episode.
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    the best pokemon dp episode EVER!

    it would be interesting to know if Jimmy from Johto will ever appear again because he hasn't appeared since The Legend of Thunder but it would be cool if he did met Ash maybe they could travel together because they both want to be strong Pokemon trainers.
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    the best pokemon dp episode EVER!

    I think the best DP episode would be if: Gary returns with a Magmortar. Misty returns with Sinnoh Pokemon. Tracey returns with a Venomoth,Azumarill and a Scizor. Wouldn't be cool if these charters and these Pokemon returned in the same episode.
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    Pokemon Episodes

    Hi guys last night I found a [deleted] it has unsubbed Japanese episodes mainly from the kanto season to the master quest season,english episodes and english movies and subbed Japanese episodes mainly from advancend to dimond & peral it also has some subbed movies it even has some Pokemon...
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    Most overated and most underrated.

    Most Underrated: Primeape:Primeape was only around for a couple of episodes and could have been a very strong Pokemon but ash left it with that Anthony guy. Haunter:I know ash didn't technically capture this Pokemon but he could have and it could have been a very strong Pokemon and could...
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    When and how will we see Rotum in the anime?

    Rotom will probably appear in a filler episode and the character of the day will be trying to catch one and ash and friends will help him/her.
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    Dogasu's Backpack Discussion

    I love Dogasu's website too I like to read his episode comparisons to find out whats missing in the English dub.