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Search results

  1. J

    UK to overtake US on Thursday

    The UK overtakes the US on Thursday 16th and finishes off Battle Dimension on Friday. (I presume the season ends in 3 episodes time). It airs on CITV/ITV4. I don't think Jetix will have finished by then? Monday 13th 7:40am - Losing It Lustrious 8:05am - Double Team Turnover Tuesday 14th 7:40am...
  2. J

    UK Darkrai event - Woolworths!!

    I'm not sure if this is the right place There's gonna be Pokemon events around the UK to get Darkrai!! Woohoo! Well, excecpt Ireland. So I suppose I should say Britiain. It says you must have an ENGLISH version of the game...
  3. J

    The Comatose Ash Theory

    The accident with the bike? It put Ash in a coma. three days later he was found and pumped full of painkillers. This is why team rocket became less menacing. The drugs kicked in and stabilized his coma dreams, instead of being terrifying, they became idyllic, and he's able to live out his...