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  1. GreatLiver

    After Hoenn - Will the Remakes get Remakes?

    As if on cue, with the announcement of RS remakes, jokes about Gen IV remakes and Sinnoh Confirmed are already beginning to be thrown around. We've now come to a weird place though where the most outdated games are actually remakes. FRLG are older games now than Emerald, which is very likely...
  2. GreatLiver

    Quote notifications

    I'm pretty sure the fact that you can stack quotes, ie. isn't something you guys are going to turn off because I think it's a conscious decision to have on in the first place, would it be possible to edit notification settings for quotes to only notify you if your post is being directly...
  3. GreatLiver

    The Fairy Type and Alterations to Type Chart

    With Ninfia revealed, and more so with the fact the types of half the pokemon we know so far have been withheld, there seems to be some discussion on whether or not we could see the introduction of the first new type since the second generation games back in 1999. If there is one, where would...
  4. GreatLiver

    Legendary Pokemon Discussion

    Lets talk about Legendaries! How many do you want? Do you think they'll be released as digital download later on, and that we may not even know they exist at the onset of release? It's interesting to note the antelope is Y shaped and the bird is X shaped, but it appears Pokemon X has the...
  5. GreatLiver

    Increasing maximum posts per page

    Just wondering if it would be possible to up the max post per page to 100. I know other vbulletin forums that have that, and have gotten quite used to it. I just really prefer having as many posts on a page as possible, especially for searching through threads. I guess I'm asking this just sorta...
  6. GreatLiver

    Speculation: Pokémon Black 3 and White 3

    Something I've been seeing almost across the board with the response to these games is that they don't seem complete enough. Maybe people were having too high of expectations, or maybe GF have once again set us up for sequels. People have been frustrated with the plot leaving some of the Plasma...
  7. GreatLiver

    User Name Font Size

    Is it just me or did the font size of user names shrink considerably. If they didn't I don't know why I'm thinking they did, but I'm almost certain they're a lot smaller. Just saying I'm personally not a fan of this, since it does make it a bit harder to quickly glance at a user name, compared...
  8. GreatLiver

    Hidden pokemon

    With some pokemon being concealed what do you think certain pokemon look like. Diglette and Dugtrio I think are like snakes kind of with small limbs when above ground. Tangela I think are like Oddish with vines instead of weeds. Shellder and Cloyster I guess are pretty much black but then...
  9. GreatLiver

    Dead Pokemon

    What is all of you guys' perspectives on dead pokemon? First off do you think pokemon die to begin with? Do pokemon become gastleys and Shuppets when they die, or just nothing? Also what happens if a ghost pokemon dies since it's already dead, but it's stilll a pokemon?