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    GEN VI: Looking for legit shiny reshiram and zekrom

    As title says I would like these to clone :D I can give them back after cloned. I have every shiny legend that can be shiny available to clone or if you prefer I have shiny chespin/fennekin available too. I would of worked on zekrom myself, but I didnt know they were not shiny lock till after I...
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    GEN VI: Last few gen 6 Shiny mons

    I need these last four shiny pokemon to complete my gen 6 shiny dex. scatterbug carbink phantump pumpkaboo I have shiny chespin, fennekin, moltres, articuno, thundurus, and jirachi I can offer. If none of these are to your liking then ask and I'll see if I have it. :D
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    GEN VI: LF Diancie

    Yays! I got Pokeball vivillion now, and getting a couple diancie for my giveaway. :D Now looking for Japanese shiny jirachi whenever it comes out ^^ Thanks to these three users for offering to trade or have traded with me <3 SnivyFennekinFroakie shayminskyforme88 Team Gaara
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    gen 6 shiny

    Offering a few clones here. If you dont like clones its understandable, and you dont have to trade. Here is my fc 3566 1545 8577 IGN is either P00P or Pikbec. I want other gen 6 shinies. shiny Chespin, scatterbug, and shiny female espurr are my biggest wants. Will add more as they are cloned. ^^...
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    GEN VI: Dex completion

    Id love to finish my national dex but after getting 628 pokemon Ive kinda gotten weary from the catching training and breeding for the rest. I would love to do trade backs for the rest I need so I can get the shiny charm. ^^ I dont wish to keep these just get the entries. :) also let me know...
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    extra mons

    Hiya all ;D I have a few extra pokemon I'd like to offer up. I'm mainly looking for gen VI shiny pokemon but I will look at all offers. Edit: I can clone now so I will be adding more pokemon to the list. :) Both my IGNs are P00P and Pikbec fc is down below in my sig Shiny legends groudon...
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    Wanted: Shiny litwick

    Hey, I am looking for anyone who can rng a shiny litwick for my friend. ^^ The nature and stuff isn't important(even though I have timid listed), but it must be male, and have the nickname Gimli. :D I have shinies I can offer in return, but nothing to special an rnger couldn't get themselves. :3...
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    Small event giveaway

    A special thanks to Yurimi for the cloning of all my events. :) Darkrai ALAMOS x0 all traded Nature Hardy Deoxys Gamestp x0 all traded Nature Modest Arceus TRU x3 nature Modest Shaymin TRU x0 nature Serious The giveaway is over. The last two people who reserved a pokemon I will still...