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    The One Above You - what does their Avatar tell you about them?

    So basically, it's easy to guess things about people because of their avatar. If their avatar was of a cat pooping rainbows, they probably like the Nyan Cat. If they have a picture of a dude with orange spiky hair wearing headphones, they probably like TWEWY. If Pinkie Pie's somewhere in their...
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    EVERYONE: Experimented

    Eight children have been entrusted with Pokémon. They have been trusted to keep Pokémon a secret. One day, the Magical Creature Investigation Unit spies one of the children with Pokémon. The rest follow the same fate and all of the eight are imprisoned in the Magical Creature Investigation Unit...
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    Mafia Insane Mafia - Draw between Town 1 and Town 2 - 21/7/11

    Insane Mafia (not reccommended for newbies!) Insane Mafia is a normal mafia game with four factions. Like EpicMafia, all roles will be revealed at the beginning. Town 1 is Faction 1, Mafia 1 is Faction 2, Town 2 is Faction 3 and Mafia 2 is Faction 4. Faction 1 wants all members of Faction 2...
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    Question about ship names

    If there is already a name for your ship, but it is just for the general Pokémon (eg: Raichu x Togekiss is called Exampleshipping) can you make up your own ship name for (specific Raichu) x (specific Togekiss) (eg: Example2shipping)? Or will it still be Exampleshipping? Note: I know that...
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    Icons below usernames?

    I've seen some users with icons below their usernames. Three examples of these icons are the Ash and Misty ones, as well as the peace symbol (this one :peace:). What is their purpose and how do I get one?
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    Hiya, IceKyurem here~

    Hi people of Bulbagarden, I'm IceKyurem. The first Pokemon game I played was Pearl. Anyway, I'm at Pe2k too, and I like hanging about the URPG there. So don't be surprised if you see me around the URPG forums. I like RPing and spriting too. The usernames I use the most are...