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  1. NMLewis

    Challenge 32x32 Challenge

    Make a 32x32 pixel image of the thing the post above mentions! Some things will obv. be more difficult than others! But therein lies the challenge!! e.g. All standard Bulbagarden Forums rules apply. Also though, there's of course no need to spoiler the images in this game because, well...
  2. NMLewis

    Challenge Neverending Picture ♪

    In this game, you add something to the existing picture. You can resize the rest of it when necessary. Ultimately it may become pictures within pictures. And eventually the original things may disappear into pixel oblivion. So here's my (really... odd) example: Rules: All the standard...
  3. NMLewis

    'Challenge' Threads Index

    Hi everyone. Seeing as there are a number of 'challenge' threads (and there'll likely be more), those threads will be linked here (much like the Art Shops Index). Looking forward to your participation! :) The Monthly Art Prompt Thread Sketch the Above 'Mr. Squiggle' Drawing With Your...
  4. NMLewis

    Challenge Drawing With Your Non-Dominant Hand :O

    So my sister who's into neuroscience informs me that (put very simply) it's really good for your brain when you draw with your non-dominant hand. The format here is the same as 'Sketch the Above' - but the things to be drawn should be kept as simple as possible. If a Pokémon is to be attempted...
  5. NMLewis

    Challenge 'Mr. Squiggle'

    Mr. Squiggle was a well-known show in Australia. This game uses the same idea as the show - complete a picture (usually a very raw/basic sketch) using the 'squiggles' (random simple shapes/lines) provided by the last poster. I strongly suggest using MS Paint if you're on a PC. This is completely...
  6. NMLewis

    Challenge Sketch the Above

    ✰ Sketch the Above ✰ In this thread, you must draw the subject mentioned in the above post (using whatever means you prefer, digital or otherwise), and post your picture (in spoiler tags) along with a subject for the next poster to draw. Though this game may be in the Art Gallery, it is for...
  7. NMLewis

    Art Shop NMLewis' "art" shop

    I say "art" but it's typically very simplistic from me. There's rarely any shading to speak of. I wanted to make a thread where I could take requests and do drawings for others. If you've seen this thread or even the 5-minute drawing game, you have some idea what to expect from me in regards to...
  8. NMLewis

    Articulation Typing

    Just as with the "type with your elbows" game, type your user name. But in this instance, type it using only the articulations/joints in your fingers. So here's my attempt. NMLdsixs Isn't it a pity.
  9. NMLewis

    Pokémon Region Quote Game

    In this game, try to think of a quote from the Pokémon region the post above mentions. It doesn't have to be word for word or anything. I just find great amusement in a lot of the random NPC text in Pokémon games. I hope this can work in some way. Kinda like the "Tents" in Festival Plaza that...
  10. NMLewis

    NMLewis' Art Attempts

    I will post random drawings I do on here. For a... bit of a laugh, really. Weirdly I use Flash to do most drawings. Well I try to do animation, so that's why it's my default program, I suppose. Also I don't use any other Adobe Creative Suite software, sooo yeah. Recently I attempted to draw...
  11. NMLewis

    Hurt or Heal: Gym Leaders

    As with any Hurt or Heal game, heal the ones you like, hurt the ones you'd rather didn't win. There will be separate rounds for each region. Basic rules: All the gym leaders with start with 50 points. You can do one of three things each time you post: + 5 points to one pick, - 5 from another...
  12. NMLewis


    Hello, I'm a long-time Pokémon fan who loves Gen III most of all. Followed closely by Gen V. My favourite Pokémon, I... have to extend into a Top 8. Miltank. Salamence. Walrein. Flygon. Meganium. Alomomola. Mandibuzz. Keldeo. And there's a whole other second tier that is too large to write...
  13. NMLewis

    Pokemon Hurt and Heal v.5! Revive to ETERNALLY!!!

    [Original post by Lovandra] Well, I see this forum lack of active Hurt and Heal game. This is one of many games I really enjoy in the past, so let's revive this!!! Rules: SIMPLE THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW: Gameplay Rules: Each post you must hurt two Pokémon, or hurt the same one twice, and...