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  1. GreatLiver

    Spoilers Pokémon UNITE

    Genuinely not sure who this appeals to. I'm sure kids are gonna buy it just because it's got the pokemon name on it, but I've always seen mobas as appealing to a bit older of an audience. Teens and up. By that age I think those interested in that type of game are just gonna be playing lol...
  2. GreatLiver

    June 24th Pokemon Presents Discussion

    The only highlight was watching the number of dislikes on the video explode.
  3. GreatLiver

    June 24th Pokemon Presents Discussion

    Detective Pikachu for Switch trailer Pokemon Sleep Partnering with Tencent gets a fleeting mention. Let's Go 2 Johto In that order. It's mostly bullshit nobody particularly cares about to pad it out, and then they'll be like, "Weren't we so clever last week? Did you notice all the Johto...
  4. GreatLiver

    Generation IV Remake Speculation

    I'm really curious on peoples' purchasing practices when it comes to DLC. When a kid asks their parents for DLC, is that the sort of thing they say "wait for your birthday" or "wait for Christmas" for? I mean I guess they do, but that just seems so odd and foreign to me not having grown up with...
  5. GreatLiver

    Ideas for Let's Go Johto

    You say that as if it's a bad thing. The level scaling in GSC is historically atrocious with a fat chunk of the game being stuck around level 20 and the Kanto gyms barely scraping into the 50s. Regardless of what the starter choices end up being I pray to God they fix that as that's always been...
  6. GreatLiver

    Ideas for Let's Go Johto

    I'd see it as not unlikely for the version mascots to be Espeon and Umbreon. The only other pokemon that really scream Johto to me are the prerelease ones of Marill, Snubbull, and Togepi. Marill and Snubbull fit a similar mold to Pikachu and Eevee as being basic stage pokemon but don't think...
  7. GreatLiver

    Generation IV Remake Speculation

    A dozen Gen II plushes taking up the bulk of the background during the presentation is significantly more tangible than, "that chair is purple, Majora's Mask is purple, character confirmed." Ishihara's usually just at his desk; this is a completely different spot. Maybe that's just because he...
  8. GreatLiver

    Will Goh capture Legendary Pokemon?

    I have to imagine he gets his hands on a few of them, particularly the ones along the lines Nicolas mentioned. Those with extensively built up lore are probably off the table, but we've been seeing the mythos of lower-tier legendaries effectively neutered for a very long time. The baby Lugia in...
  9. GreatLiver

    Spoilers New Pokémon Snap

    Can we talk about the name? Calling it New was dumb when they did it for Mario, and it's dumb here. Either giving it a subtitle or just calling it Pokemon Snap and letting people differentiate (1999) vs (2020) on their own would have been far better options in my book. Other than that, beyond...
  10. GreatLiver

    Generation IV Remake Speculation

    I haven't been following remake discussion, but immediately keyed into Typhlosion in the background thinking that was an odd choice. Then realized that whole row was Gen II legendaries and starters. Kind of weird to have that front and center. The two Gen I plushes in the row can be handwaved as...
  11. GreatLiver

    Pokemon Stars Discussion Thread (Speculation)

    Basically he just got his hopes up unreasonably. Telling people about a better version of a game a month and a half after the original's release wouldn't be a good business decision. Real good case of the pot calling the kettle black though.
  12. GreatLiver

    Rumours/Fakes/Leaks Discussion Thread

    Sun/Moon are still selling and still new games. It wouldn't make any sense to give the public a reason to not buy the newest games by promoting a better version in the far off future. If they wanted us to hear about Pokemon on the Switch before its launch, they'd have done so in the presentation.
  13. GreatLiver

    Which opening themes have you never skipped?

    Spurt! only lasted like 25 episodes, and I'm a sucker for seeing the old pokemon so I never skipped that one. The Greatest Everyday simply because at that point I was watching live so I had no other option. For that same reason basically any dub opening up until Battle Frontier. I really...
  14. GreatLiver

    Pokemon Stars Discussion Thread (Speculation)

    Gotta agree with Soki. Nintendo hasn't competed head on with Sony and Microsoft for years. Really since the Gamecube era. Yes, they're all consoles, but I find it hard to imagine that most people would get hung up between buying a Wii, PS3 or 360. It was pretty much always either you buy a Wii...
  15. GreatLiver

    Pokemon Stars Discussion Thread (Speculation)

    GF are in a very weird spot as far as remakes go at this point, seeing as the current remakes have caught up to the first round of remakes. Sure Sinnoh's next in line since we just had Hoenn, but Gen III also gave us FRLG. We had an abridged visit to Kanto in 2009-10, but we haven't had a proper...
  16. GreatLiver

    Pokemon Stars Discussion Thread (Speculation)

    Price shouldn't really be a concern specifically for pokemon, but for the Switch in general it is a bit of an issue when you add in accessories. Seeing as Pokemon isn't a mulitplayer game without multiple cartridges, if I'm only playing the Switch by myself I only have to shill out about $360...
  17. GreatLiver

    My Big Problem with the Pokémon Anime - An Essay and a Rant

    At its core Pokémon is about Pokémon. That's what the audience wants to see. The monsters are the key draw. Back when the game sprites were just little green and grey pixels, seeing your favorite pokemon in an episode of the anime was cool because it added so much that the games lacked. Even as...
  18. GreatLiver

    How do you feel about the SOS mechanic?

    Seeing how easy the games have made it to easily get competitive shinies just through breeding, I've really only had to use chaining for hidden abilities which hasn't been bad. In that regard I've got no complaints. I really do love it from a world building perspective. Other than the absolute...
  19. GreatLiver

    Your regular team in Sun and Moon

    For my initial playthrough of Moon I ran -Decidueye -Ribombee -Araquanid -A-Raichu -Palossand -Kommo-o Held onto a Charjabug for a very long time just because there wasn't really anything I wanted to replace it with until Kommo-o, which itself ended up being a huge letdown. I'd originally...
  20. GreatLiver

    Revealed Gen VII Pokémon discussion!

    I've seen people theorizing Drampa could evolve into a Ghost/Dragon pokemon, seeing how it's based on an old man. Pretty dark, but I'd absolutely love the concept.