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    Problem with Arcade

    So I enterd an Arcade tornament for Curveball, and I played three times. I got over 20k points each time, but according to the scoreboard here, my highest score was zero. It is impossible to get 0 points in curveball because you automatically get points for serving. Not complaining or...
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    Who has the best pizza?

    Most important question on this site. A debate that will last for ages. WHO HAS THE BEST PIZZA? Post who YOU think has the best pizza and why. For me its Pizza Hut. They dont go overboard with sauce and the cheese is very even ^^ If I forgot a place in the poll, tell me
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    Changing Battle Screen?

    I just noticed this. On the screenshot that was relesed awhile ago (The Zoroark vs Zorua one), You saw Zoroark's full body. Yet on the screenshots that were leaked the other day, there were quite a few battle pictures . Although in these, the pokemon used the traditional backsprite style. If...
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    Rate the Signiture BELOW you

    Lol nuda game by mwa Just rate the Signiture below you 6/10 Too much pink I I V
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    Facts you learned in school today.

    ARM YOURSELF WITH KNOWLEDGE. Just post what you learned in school today. I learned the the chemical Botox is made from is the most deadly toxin on earth
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    Pokewalker Scares

    Not sure if Im suppose to make this, as theres a pokewalker discussion thread, but yah. Post your stories of losing your pokewalker! (You know you've had them =P) Mine was: In Bio, Im sitting down. I look down and noticed my walkers gone! I think back to where I'v been, and Im like "Oh...
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    Floaroma Town Crises (sign ups)

    Floaroma Town Crises ------ Okay this RP could be considered by some to be a competition rather than an RP but heres a quick story. The Summer breeze runs through the trees of Floaroma town, as the yearly Gracidia festival is at hand. But there is a crises. A rumor has emerged that Team...
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    Cause and Effect

    Its not like I have a LIFE or anything. Okay this game is quite simple. Though its hard to explain. Post 1: Giovanni dies Post 2: Thus team rocket disbands Post 3: Jessie and James stop looking for pikachu Post 4: Pikachu no longer has to thunderbolt Jessie and James and forgets the...
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    Rival Theme Sheet Music

    Okay, can someone help me find sheet music for the HGSS Rival theme? Preferably piano. That song cures cancer. OH YAh It needs to be something I can print. If you find it you can have your choice of reward Winning the game + 1 Internet Concentrated win
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    I doupt this question is frequently asked but.....

    is it against the rules to ask for sheet music to a pokemon song if your only going to use it for personal use?
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    Super User Brawl

    I want to see if this goes anywhere Simple premice: BEAT THE HELL OUT OF OTHER USERS Post one(by Random person): @Senzura: Falcon Punches you to Russia @Meta Knight: Hyper beam your ass! Post 2 (by Senzura): Flies back from Russia on a russian air craft @Random person: Bombs you...
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    Senzura's Trippy Backgrounds

    Well, I folled around with photoshop, and found out how to do this Basicly, I make trippy (or kilidoscope, your choice) backgrounds with photoshop CS2 Simply priovide me with a picture, and Ill make you a trippy kilidoscope background out of it. Ill have some examples up later, but you...
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    Make Assumptions About the Person BELOW you

    Yah, because Pokemon Sunday is slow Anyway, The game is simple. Just make assumptions about the person below you (The person that will post after you) Ill start A troll who always has to post first I I v
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    Dialga x Palkia You know it to be true Lets see you debunk this one In the anime, they are always together (Giritina movie doesnt count) In the games, they are only apart when summoned seperatly I promice Im not trolling... Ah great the banhammer. Curse my random lapse in posting judgment