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    Torterra2010's NEW SPRITING THREAD!!

    Hey guys, it's been awhile now and I have decided to comeback to the spriting world with some new sprites. I've been in this site for awhile now and it seems like this forum is starting to lag a little with the spriting, like a ghost town (OH NO!) Anyways, here's a taste of a few of my sprites...
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    A Spriter's Comeback!!

    Hello everyone, I'm back!. I've been having improvement with my sprites, so I would like to show you what I have done so far. Here are my latest sprites: Trainer Sprites: His name is Murkus. He's supposed to be a Dark-type gym leader. Her name is Selena. She's supposed to be...
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    TORT2010'S Shop!

    Welcome again! I'm back! So just read ahead and view my showcase! The Rules! My rules of this shop: The Ban Rubric! The Showcase! Here is what i can do for you: Trainer Sprites: Trainer Cards: Trainer Icons (MY IDEA!): Versus Intros (MY IDEA!)...
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    My Neon Pokemon League Poject!

    Hi everyone! It's been a long time since my last thread! So, I'd like to show you my project that I've been working on lately. It is titled "The Neon Pkmn League" So here it is: Leaders: Name: Damion Type: Dark City: Arsenic Badge: ShadowClaw Title: "Man of Shadows" Name...
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    Torterra2010's New Sprite Thread!

    Welcome again! I have been spriting for already about 2 yrs. So, since my other thread got old, i decided to make another one. Here are my sprites! Trainers/Leaders/Elite 4: Neon Leaders(edited 2ND TIME): From left to right: Damon,Keilani,Alora,Spartin,Wanda,Siann,Baron...
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    The WSC First Week

    Every new contest, every week(7 days) This is a weekly contest, so we have it every week. Lets get things started! Every Thursday,(Sometimes I forget), we have this contest. You have 6 days to enter your entry. The 7th day will be judging day. So, there will be themes for every contest...
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    Torterra2010's Sprite Restruant V2!

    Welcome again! My last shop went into dust because some of my requests had no forms,which is requiered.So please use these forms! My rules of this shop: 1.NEVER EVER steal my sprites! 2.Never use anything without my permisson or you'll be banned for a certian time of period. 3.This shop...
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    Torterra2009's Sprite Thread V2

    Welcome again! I've learned some more tips on spriting. So, i'm gonna show you some sprites atfer the past 8 months.: New!Damon Vs Intro: New!Neon Gym Leaders: From Left to Right:1.Damon 2.Keliani 3.Alora 4.Spark 5.Wanda 6.Syanne 7.Baron 8.Gregory New!Elite 4 of the Neon Region...
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    Bulbagarden's Gyms and PKMN League

    1.The Introdution Owner - Me hi guys!This is a game I like to call "Bulbagarden's Gyms and PKMN League. In this game,we battle gyms and Earn Badges.I'm looking for 17 Trainers to be gym leaders. 2. The Rest If you want to be a gym...
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    Torterra's Sprite Resturuant (SHOP!)

    Welcome to my Sprite Reaturaunt! Rules: 1.Always follow the rules! 2.Be paitent when wating for request!!! 3.When some forms are needed some images,please provide some! 4.NEVER EVER STEAL MY SPRITES OR YOU WILL BE BANNED FOREVER!!! 5.Always use the forms to make a request! 6.NO...
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    Torterra's Sprites!

    hi! Please c+c for what you're about to see! Here's my sprites! Enjoy! PLEASE DO NOT USE THESE!
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    Hi! I'm new here so i want to introduce my self. I'm a spriter! Not a beginner! So whats your names? :awww: