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    The Knights

    Prolouge: The year is 1338.An army of Evil know as the Army of Keel is marching against the great citys.Keel is a lord of evil with his who was once a part of the council but became corrupt as is his army. A force of Knights with no name has come to stop the army.The Knights will defend citys...
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    Sacred *Start-Up*

    Rules: No godmodding Not a lot of cusing (no more than five cus words per sentence) No insulting unless you two are fighting Story Line: 5000 years ago when the old gods and their followers still walked so did the Followers. Now the sacred walk again and the followers must hunt, fight and...
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    Prologue: 5000 years ago when the old gods and their followers still walked so did the Followers. Explation:The Followers were pure blooded men and women that fight the Sacred.Each Sacred is a general(any race)to a god (Loki, Satan,etc). The old Followers killed all the Sacred but the...
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    Your "THATS NOT POSSIBLE" moments

    My thats not possible moment was when i stuck a male(L23) and a female (L67) crobats in the day care center. I went back and got the egg and then i went to pull the mom out (so they would stop breeding) and the mom was a guy so i put away the egg and got the other crobat out and i was also a guy .
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    Bad Guys

    I was wondering what group of bad guys (team rocket, team galactic, etc) everyone liked the most and why my favorite is team rocket caus they are so determined to get pikachu and they are the origanal.
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    Team Rocket Isshu Branch Recruiting(for team rocket fans only)

    Team Rocket Isshu Branch is looking for new members and the next two people that join will get commander positons. FOR TEAM ROCKET FANS ONLY
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    Weird Bible Stuff

    I was wondering about weird bible quotes so i desided to make a thread asking people about what was the weirdest bible quote you ever heard or read.