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    GEN VI: WANTED: Flawless pokés.

    Hi! I'm looking for flawless (6 IV) pokémon, so if you have any please reply and tell me what you want in return.
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    Shiny Emolga

    Hi! I have a shiny Emolga captured in FS. I want a shiny, dawn and dusk stone for it. My FC is 3239-3432-3169.
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    Evo items, other items and legendaries.

    Hi! Got some evo items I don't need and a lot of legendaries. All the legendaries are, of course, legit. Items: Magmarizer x 3 DeepSeaTooth x 4 King's rock x 2 Moon stone x 14 DeepSeaScale x 1 Elecrtizer x 1 Razor claw x 4 Up-grade x 2 Sun stone x 23 Razor fang x 1 Reaper cloth x 4 Prism scale...
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    Hi folks!

    I could not sleep so I was checking bulbapedia as usual. Then i found the forum, and here I am! I'm from sweden, 17 years old and have been a pokénerd for like always. Right now i'm playing on my old gba and trying to save money for a DS. But the thing i like most with pokémon is the anime :)...