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    Preview JN030: The Reluctant Pikachu and the Exasperated Barrierd

    Wouldn't Kangaskhan's baby be all grown up by this point? Maybe that should be the one they'd meet, if they do, of course.
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    Review Zuruggu and Mimikkyu: Chase the Beans

    View: https://youtu.be/u909_O6CqYc This is really good, I mean it. Like an old Looney Toons short.
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    Odd Voice Casts on Bulbapedia

    When it comes to voices, they don't care about being accurate, only about what's been accepted up to now. Unless you have proof positive it's not them, they won't let you edit anything.
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    Preview M23: Koko

    Not in Japan; that movie was called "Remember Me" there.
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    Review M22: Mewtwo Strikes Back—Evolution

    Lisa voiced Neesha here, but she voiced the harbor master in the original, not Neesha. That was Amy Birnbaum.
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    Dub Voice Actor Guesses/Discussion

    Mewtwo is definitely Dan Green like in Returns. Funny enough, it sounds like Jay Goede, the original Mewtwo, may also be reprising his other role as the lead scientist.
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    Review Detective Pikachu

    Didn't see this anywhere, but here's the sprite art from the credits recreated in game form:
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    Bulbapedia Not Allowed to Add or Edit Voice Actor Credits?

    I'm a bit frustrated about the process to add voice actor credits and revisions on the wiki these days. It started with Mewtwo and the fact his younger version's actor from "Mewtwo's Origin" is listed as "unknown". It seemed clear to me that it was the same actor as the movie version, especially...
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    Review M21: The Power of Us

    And is that Kayzie Rogers back as Sunflora?
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    Uniqlo T-Shirt Design Competition 2019

    UTGP2019 | Pokémon© I don't know how many artists here are up for a contest like this, but it's running until Dec. 2 and being judged by Ken Sugimori, Tsunekazu Ishihara and Nigo. I submitted a few designs myself, so to anyone else who enters, best of luck!
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    Preview M21: The Power of Us

    I'm surprised they're going with a dubbed voice for Eevee, considering the Let's Go games are using the original Japanese actress. Synergy? What's that?
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    Music The Background Music Thread

    In movie 20's case, thankfully the 5.1 tracks have nearly all the voices and sound effects in the center track and analogous between the English and Japanese DVD/BR sets. If one is inclined to, it's a simple matter to swap one out for the other and watch the dub with the proper music (aside from...
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    Episode 1 Comparison: JPN Movie 20 BR vs VIZ BR vs VIZ DVD

    The glue being gone is one big benefit the Blu-Ray brings, the other being the lack of interlacing. It's obviously not perfect, but it's definitely an improvement: Clearly some adjustments in color correction and resolution have been made to the HD episode between 2012 and now, but they most...
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    Episode 1 Comparison: JPN Movie 20 BR vs VIZ BR vs VIZ DVD

    That's pretty much it. It's a lot better than the text being burned into the original film. I don't have a Japanese episode to compare to, so I'll just compare the blank title pages and also show the remastered one. Title screen:
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    Episode 1 Comparison: JPN Movie 20 BR vs VIZ BR vs VIZ DVD

    Recently I got both the VIZ Indigo League Blu-Ray box set and the limited edition of Movie 20 from Japan, which includes the 1080p version of episode 1 that was first broadcast five years ago. Looking at them next to my original DVD set really makes the difference in picture quality obvious, so...
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    News Pokémon Indigo League Episodes 1-52 on Blu-Ray in English

    Today I got the set for myself, so I can post any screencaps or answer any lingering questions. Here's a few things I noticed: *Each episode includes the opening and ending themes, the Who's That Pokemon segment, the various "We'll be back" commercial bumpers, and the weekly PokéRap segment...
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    'I Choose You!' to get North American home video release in February: Available on Feb. 13

    If it includes the movie montage with the full new version of the theme, I might go for it.
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    Preview M20: I Choose You!

    The lead singer seems to still be Ben Dixon like in the XY remake. It's not an egregious cover, at least.
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    News Pokémon Indigo League Episodes 1-52 on Blu-Ray in English

    Hey, I'm just listing the facts here. It's certainly not my opinion that these will beat that ep 1 remaster, but based on this trailer and the previous one for the digital release, it really does look better than the DVDs and it's the best quality we've currently got access to. Of course, when...
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    News Pokémon Indigo League Episodes 1-52 on Blu-Ray in English

    In the UK, Manga Entertainment will release the first 52 episodes on both a DVD and a Blu-Ray set on Oct. 30. In the US, VIZ will release a similar Blu-Ray set on Nov. 14. Both releases are presumably using the remastered episodes that are currently available on digital platforms.