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    Pokemon Masters Team?
    Threadmarks: Pokemon Masters

    If pokemon masters really is a gacha style pokemon game what do you think would be each trainers partner pokemon? Here is my list: Kanto: *Red: Charizard X *Blue: Pidgeot *Green: Wigglytuff *Brock: Onix *Misty: Starmie *Lt. Surge: Raichu *Erika: Vileplume *Koga: Venomoth *Janine: Ariados...
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    What 3 moves from generation I does not appear from the anime since the beginning of

    CAn you guess the 4 move? clue 2 of which is a pokemon signature move.a Flying type, a psychic type and a normal type.
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    Unova POKERAP

    I really like pokerap so what do you think is there gonna be a pokerap this generation and who will not be included then?
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    What do you think is team rockt's mission in isshu?

    i really want to know what it is what do you think?
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    Option in touch screen section like how HGSS was!!!

    look at this it is a picture at the demo is shows the party option, showing in the touch screen side of the DS does this mean that we could now have the full touch screen option!!! and also look at the picture of the pokemon(even though it was covered) it show the pokemon shadow a new feature...
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    I know it may sound illegal but can someone tell me where to read the pokemon adventures online completely and how many issue does it release a month is it weekly or monthly?
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    Unconfirmed Speculation surrounding the NET!!!

    since sketch said we cannot discuss speculations on the corocoro thread i created a new thread. Okay this thread only discuss unconfirmed spoilers surrounding the net with BASIS especially the ones that has a high percentage to be true like the pokebeach speculation!!! okay
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    ugly to get attention

    do you think mijumaru was intend to be drawn ugly to draw so attention since mostly starters are seen together as a whole and to make the water starter in this generation more attractable they have drawn it ugly enough to be talk of the town
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    badge's looks

    every body's talking about the gym types how about the badge's looks what do you think it could look like anyone has an idea for every type i only got dark type i want it to be a wolf soul like badge....
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    What could the player's name be?

    since gen III characters began to have specific names in every region(except Kanto) and not just that they also have a specific theme for every reion: johto : Lyra and Ethan (Sound theme) Hoenn : May and Brendan(Field theme) sinnoh : Dawn and Lucs (Light theme) what could be this...