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  1. Lanstar

    Unnatural aspects in Pokemon games, and how you'd change them.

    While Pokemon may be a fantasy, there are areas that might feel very awkward, to a point of being nonsensical - even in fantasies. One example of this: In battles against the ingame AI, you are somehow, some way notified about what the next Pokemon your opponent will send out after you knock...
  2. Lanstar

    "Pulling a Game Freak"

    As of late, I'm noticing this phrasing being used a lot by the fanbase: "Pulling a Game Freak", or "Pull a Game Freak on us", and of similar vein. This phrasing seams quite new, too - I only faintly remember it being used at the start of Gen 8. Maybe it was commonly used earlier than that, but...
  3. Lanstar

    Create a status move

    In the games, moves are classified as either special attack, attack, or status moves. There are tons of ideas for moves that deal damage, but less so for status moves. Here's a thread for such moves! Some status moves I've created: Energize: After using this move, the next move the Pokemon...
  4. Lanstar

    Smogon may soon suspect Dynamax

    I'm not sure if this the right place to post this, but for those wondering about the competitive landscape in Sword and Shield: Game Freak definitely designed Dynamax for double battles - and it is pretty diverse in strategies to use in that format. However, for 6 v 6 singles that Smogon...
  5. Lanstar

    "Poke Jobs" Discussion/Speculation

    https://swordshield.pokemon.com/en-us/gameplay/pokejobs/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app This was from the Japanese Trailer, and it looks like the next generation of Pokepelago. And Rotom guides us, it seems. >.> Thoughts on this?
  6. Lanstar

    Silvally really needs a buff

    Okay... I'm really not joking here. One thing I hope in Ultra Sun/Moon is some kind of power-up or fix to the Pokemon Silvally. At first, this seems like a stupid thing to ask for - I mean, it is a Pokemon with a 570 total BST that can become any type you wish to give it, and was supposedly...
  7. Lanstar

    The role of the ultra beasts (spoilers)

    Well, for recap of the last games. Ultra Beasts in the last games were extra-dimensional Pokemon, forced out of their original habitat by the obsessive Aether Foudation leader, Lusamine. At first, they look to be super dangerous lifeforms, based off of incredible extremes of nature, that are...
  8. Lanstar

    How the Missing Mega Stones will get Distributed...

    Okay... For those of you who wondered, "where are all the missing mega stones?!": Details about them suggest they are going to be entry gifts for online competitions, starting in late February... Personally, I'm not exactly a fan of this. What do you all think?
  9. Lanstar

    Looking for a Rowlet

    Hello everyone. I'm starting off the game with Popplio, but I also want a Rowlet for my dream team as well. Nature, IV's, etc. do not matter. Note that I'm only as far as the 1st trial right now, so all I can give are Pokemon found as far as Route 2 though I do have a Kadabra for an evolve...
  10. Lanstar

    The size of the game file

    This is what I heard about the games that I think merits a thread of its own: The download size of the Sun and Moon games is around 3.2 Gigabytes. Even more, you could end up not having enough space if you download both it and the Demo file on the same 4 GB SD card that comes standard in a 3DS...
  11. Lanstar

    A tough choice for you all...

    I was going to post this in the improvement thread, but I thought it would make an interesting poll for you all... To me, the following choices would be the biggest way that the anime could be improved: 1. Let Ash grow as a trainer, without resorting to the reset button on him after every...
  12. Lanstar

    Going back into space?

    In ORAS, the Delta Episode ended with you riding Mega Rayquaza up towards the boundaries of Earth and Space to destroy the incoming Asteroid and trying to catch Deoxys that came out of the rock. To me, that was a truly epic phenomenon, and I wondered if Game Freak would ever have us go back into...
  13. Lanstar

    Weather Patterns, Seasons, Day/Night cycles, and Terrain Changes

    In generation 2, they introduced the Day/Night cycle, and since Generation 3, there have been Overworld alterations and weather involved in playing the adventure. Then in Gen. 5, there were the 4 Seasons that alternated and changed the Overworld as well, though that didn't come back in Gen 6...
  14. Lanstar

    Festive Feud Online Competition

    Pokémon Global Link News-ポケモングローバルリンク インフォメーション This is an online competition I might sign up for... The Regulations are Triple Battles, and with an interesting twist: You may only use Pokemon that are classified in the Pokedex as Red, Green, or White. Fortunately, they have a PDF listing who...
  15. Lanstar

    The New Game Layout of the PTCG Online

    Hopefully this is the place to post this in these redesigned forums... So, last week the PTCG Online client got a drastic makeover, with all these stunning attack and card animations since that Breakthrough set came out. Sad to say, the vast majority of players there hated it, mainly because it...
  16. Lanstar

    Pokebeach got Hijacked! o_0

    I don't know the best place to post this, but... Apparently, a Pokemon news website named Pokebeach, which is mostly centered around the trading card game, got hacked by someone. The hacker(s) left a very, very weird message too. Out of all the Pokemon websites, why that one? This is a rather...
  17. Lanstar

    Create a New Ability

    Basically, like the hold item thread, post here some of your own made up abilities that could make the metagame more interesting. You could even pair them up with certian pokemon if you wish... But don't go too ridiculusly overpowered! Here are some that I made up that could really make the...
  18. Lanstar

    Rare Berries for Hidden Ability Pokemon (Locked for Now)

    Hello all. If you havent found out, the last four berries - The Micle Berry, Custap Berry, Rowap Berry, and the Jaboca Berry - are now available for Gen. VI via the Pokemon Global Link. From that, I have all the Rare Berries now, and I'm offering them in exchange for some hidden ability pokemon...
  19. Lanstar

    Pokemon Horde Terminologies

    So, in the games, they introduced Pokemon in "hordes." When they appear, they use the term "horde" for any type of pokemon encountered. But thinking about it, using this term for any type of pokemon feels rather dull in English... Thus I spiffed things up a little bit. The pokedex lists...
  20. Lanstar

    Hello everyone.

    Hello all. You may call me Lanstar. I usually post on Miiverse every so often, but I've looked around Bulbagarden, and have been lurking in these forums here for a while. I decided to register, maybe to talk about the video games and trading card games, maybe do a trade or two, and perhaps do...