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    Review Zuruggu and Mimikkyu: Chase the Beans

    View: https://youtu.be/u909_O6CqYc This is really good, I mean it. Like an old Looney Toons short.
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    Bulbapedia Not Allowed to Add or Edit Voice Actor Credits?

    I'm a bit frustrated about the process to add voice actor credits and revisions on the wiki these days. It started with Mewtwo and the fact his younger version's actor from "Mewtwo's Origin" is listed as "unknown". It seemed clear to me that it was the same actor as the movie version, especially...
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    Uniqlo T-Shirt Design Competition 2019

    UTGP2019 | Pokémon© I don't know how many artists here are up for a contest like this, but it's running until Dec. 2 and being judged by Ken Sugimori, Tsunekazu Ishihara and Nigo. I submitted a few designs myself, so to anyone else who enters, best of luck!
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    Episode 1 Comparison: JPN Movie 20 BR vs VIZ BR vs VIZ DVD

    Recently I got both the VIZ Indigo League Blu-Ray box set and the limited edition of Movie 20 from Japan, which includes the 1080p version of episode 1 that was first broadcast five years ago. Looking at them next to my original DVD set really makes the difference in picture quality obvious, so...
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    News Pokémon Indigo League Episodes 1-52 on Blu-Ray in English

    In the UK, Manga Entertainment will release the first 52 episodes on both a DVD and a Blu-Ray set on Oct. 30. In the US, VIZ will release a similar Blu-Ray set on Nov. 14. Both releases are presumably using the remastered episodes that are currently available on digital platforms.
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    Coping with a Lost Game

    Here I am with a bit of a sob story, which may or may not be familiar to you. Simply put, I lost my Pokemon X cart with about 60+ hours put into it. I hadn't yet moved any Pokemon into Bank, so everything from the hard-raised team to the Vivilon collection, Diancie, the Pokebank Celebi, all the...
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    WB's The First Three Movies DVD Question

    If this has been answered before, I can't seem to find it. Anyway, on that 3 in 1 DVD of the movies WB released in '09, was Meowth's Party really included in 2000's special features, or was that an error and it was simply a reprint of the original disk? If it's the latter, I won't have to...
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    Contest Bug/Steel Battle - Who Will Rule Them All?

    Technically, you can now have a whole team of nothing but unique bug/steel critters to command. But which of these single iron insects will reign supreme? (And no, let's not leap to the obvious choice just yet.) Here they are! The Highly-Powerful and OU'ed Scizor? The highly-defensive...
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    How do male-only Pokemon multiply?

    In the Pokemon world, there are obviously some that are either female-only (the Chansey line, Kangaskhan, etc.) or male-only (the Hitmons, Tauros, etc.) In the wild, it's easy for females to breed since their offspring will always be of their own species. But what about the guys? How can they be...
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    Pure Flying Type: Will We Ever Get One?

    It seems pretty crazy, but of all the Pokemon elements, the only one of which a single-typed variety doesn't exist is Flying (and no, Arceus, Kecleon and Porygon don't count). Every other type has gotten its due, even if not originally: Ghosts used to only come paired with a Poison typing, Ice...
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    I'm A Brand New Original-ish Me! (Name Change, Is what I Mean)

    I was previously known as Pitch around here, but after the April Tom-Foolery as NotMeowth, I wished to return to normalcy. However, I decided to try and change my name to one I use most often (it'd been already taken when I first joined; said user has since departed), and lo and behold, it...
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    Got Some Art, Folks! (Drawing #2: Meowth & K.K. Slider)

    Yes, I'm a developing artist! Actually, it's my career goal to become a comic book artist and writer. But enough of that, here we go! #2 - Play it Cool (Meowth & K.K. Slider) #1 - We Would Like to Play (The Koopalings) Comments and critiques are welcome!
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    Emyln Morinelli (Emily Williams) Interview PENDING: Question Suggestions?

    Hey, everyone! Cool news affront! ThegreatPirateKing, an Arlong Park forum member who's been interviewing the Singaporean cast of One Piece, is in the process of interviewing Emyln Morinelli, also known as Emily Williams, the voice of Chopper among others in said dub as well as Zoey and Jenny in...
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    TAJ: No Longer Working on Pokémon?

    Okay, I just found out some very freaky news. I contacted TAJ Productions (you know, who PUSA hired to replace 4Kids), asking if they'd be working on other Nintendo things like the Aimal Crossing movie. Anyway, Larry Juris e-mailed me back, saying the following: If this is true, what's it...
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    Pokemon Christmas Bash used in Japan!

    I just found something very interesting out. Watching the Spiritomb/Bibarel eps, at the end was a commercial for what seemed to be a contest to get things like a Pokedex DP, the 10th movie DVD, and such. Anyway, guess what was playing in the background? Yep, it was the Pokemon Christmas Bash...
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    Bridgette (Pokémon Box) Full-Length Artwork?

    Does anyone know where I can find the full-length artwork of Bridgette from Pokemon Box, not just the shot from the waist up? She's one of the only characters not fully pictured online, and I know one exists because I remember seeing it once on the packaging of the game. Can someone help me or...
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    Pokemon Box: Anyone still have the deluxe packaging?

    The big paperboard box the game box came in, I mean; the one that held the link cable, as well. I'm just wondering because I remember seeing a non-cropped picture of Brigette, the woman in the game, on the back, but all I've ever seen online is the cropped version, when so many other trainers do...
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    Pokémon D/P Anime Officially Starts June 4/Movie is in Widescreen

    The trailer for the upcoming season of Pokémon, included in the Pokémon Ranger movie DVD, states that the show will premier June 4, a Monday. This is, of course, after the new season's special airing as a movie on April 20. In other news, contrary to a prior Bulbanews report, the Pokémon Ranger...
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    Final Bets: Movie 9 CN Premier in Wide- or Full-Screen?

    Based on the evidence and your own perspective, do you think you know for sure which aspect ration the CN premier of the movie will be in? This may turn to have no bearing on the DVD's ratio, so this poll is only for the CN showing. Now, which will it be? Oh, yeah; feel free to express why you...