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    What should the next pair of games be called?

    Pokemon Positive and Negative, but it's styled as "Pokemon + and Pokemon -".
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    Preview XY0??: Grant, Viola (Battle Chateau?)

    Grant looks really good. Like really good. I hope he's just using Onix here, and saving his in-game team for the match with Ash.
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    Pokémon Evolution/Capture/Release Thread

    I don't see why Ash necessarily has to have a Grass-type. The writers might want to forget that "pattern" this time around.
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    What's your sexuality?

    I'm bisexual, but I prefer men.
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    Team Rocket: Goofy Villians, or Dangerous Villians?

    Dangerous TR would've been fine if they weren't such a snoozefest. At least when they bring comic relief when they're goofy. Robot TR was just there for no reason. They brought nothing interesting to the table, which is completely the writers' fault because they clearly don't know how to write...
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    Serena's goal : What do you think it is?

    They should've put a Battle Frontier (with five to seven facilities) in XY, so Ash could get the symbols and Serena could go for badges.
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    Toughest Gym Leader (or battle) in Gen VI?

    Re: Toughest Gym Leader (or battle) this Gen? If I had to choose, I would say Grant, but none of the gym leaders were difficult this time around. Siebold's Gyarados gave me some trouble in my last playthrough.
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    Pokemon X/Y Friend Code Sharing Thread- PLEASE READ FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING

    Re: Pokemon X/Y Friend Code Sharing Thead Hi, I wasn't sure where else to post this, but can someone trade my Spritzee with me and trade it back, please? I want to get Aromatisse. Thanks! Edit: Someone helped me now! Disregard this.
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    XY007: Leave it to Serena!? The Charging Sihorn Race

    Re: XY007: Serena's race (tentative) I hope this is her quest. I'd like to see how interesting the writers can make Pokemon racing. Anything to keep contests out of the show. We don't need to see sparkles flying everywhere or water somehow exploding on impact. I'm sure they can make racing a...
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    Gen VI Pokemon Discussion

    Re: Gen VI Pokemon Discussion (Megas go in Mega thread) I really, really love Delphox. It has become one of my favorite Pokemon. I love its design, its witch motif, and the fact that it's a beast in-game (can't speak on how it is competitively). I also really like Azumarill. If this were an...
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    (READ FIRST POST) Gen VI Rant/Complaint/Disappointment Thread

    Re: (READ POST #18) Gen VI Rant/Complaint/Disappointment Thread This may have been mentioned already, but the Elite Four and Champion were wayyyyy too easy. I OHKO'd all of them, except for Siebold's Gyarados. The whole game wasn't that difficult, though, to be honest. :/ Still fun, nonetheless.
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    All-Kalos team members?

    Three of mine are from Gen VI (Delphox, Aegislash, Malamar). The other three on my team are Azumarill, Sigilyph, and Vileplume.
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    Pokemon X/Y Friend Code Sharing Thread- PLEASE READ FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING

    Re: Pokemon X/Y Friend Code Sharing Thead My FC is 0877-1337-0183! 3DS Name is Chronos. Trainer Name: Chris Trainer ID: 35472 And I have Y Version. Let me know if you've added me, so I can add you as well!
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    Your Pokemon Team, also Team Suggestions/Advice/Recommendations

    Final team, at least before any post-game changes: Delphox (M) Lv. 64 Azumarill (F) Lv. 67 Aegislash (F) Lv. 58 Malamar (M) Lv. 59 Sigilyph (F) Lv. 59 Vileplume (F) Lv. 63 I think those are the levels (if not, they're pretty close to this). But yep. I haven't yet gotten to Couriway Town. I...
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    Trainer Customization

    I'm just glad we have customization at all. The male's default outfit is hideous.
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    Your Pokemon Team, also Team Suggestions/Advice/Recommendations

    Huge team update from my last post (I'm in Coumarine City; haven't fought Ramos yet): Delphox (M) Lv. 40 Sigilyph (F) Lv. 35 Azumarill (F) Lv. 40 Doublade (F) Lv. 36 Malamar (M) Lv. 36 I know I have three Psychic-types, but I don't really care. I just use whatever I like. :P
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    XY Travelog!

    I'm currently in front of the Glittering Cave (just got the game yesterday). And wow, there really is a long gap between the first and second gym. I'm close to the second gym town now, but I feel like it's been ages since I fought Viola. My team now is: Braixen (M) Lv. 26 Azumarill (F)...
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    Your Pokemon Team, also Team Suggestions/Advice/Recommendations

    So, I finally got Y yesterday!! My current team is: Braixen (M) Lv. 22 Azurill (F) Lv. 21 (Anyone know how I can get it to max happiness so it can evolve already!?) Honedge (F) Lv. 12 (Just caught it; I'm only at Parfum Palace) I wasn't planning on capturing an Azurill, but I'm just...
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    Gen 7 Legendary Revealed?? (SPOILERS)

    If there truly is another region released in this generation, I can see why they only added 70 new Pokemon to start with. Adding 50+ Pokemon in the next main series games to coincide with this region would be a pretty neat idea. It'd also give people more of an incentive to buy the next games...
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    Soundtrack and Sound Effects Speculation

    Laverre City's theme reminds me of the music in Shrek. It really fits, since the Fairy-type gym is there.