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Search results

  1. Rainbow Cloud

    Mafia Sonic Adventure Mafia - Endgame - Mafia and Unlyncher Victory, Long Live the Eggman Empire!

    Hello and welcome to Sonic Adventure Mafia, a game which celebrates the first truly 3D Sonic main series platform games Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 originally released on the Sega Dreamcast and later re-released on the Nintendo Gamecube, other consoles and PC. Myself ( @Rainbow Cloud...
  2. Rainbow Cloud

    Art Gallery Advent Calendar 2020

    Hi everyone :) To celebrate the holiday season the Art Gallery staff will be putting together an advent calendar with a new drawing posted each day this month till the 25th. The advent calendar in this post will be updated as December progresses! To start things off here's the entry for the...
  3. Rainbow Cloud

    North East South West V7 - Pokémon Regions Edition Part 2

    Hello and welcome to the seventh version of North East South West :) Thanks to @dawn dusk for the original idea for this game and the opportunity to host the second part of the regions theme. The theme for this version of the game will be based on the pokemon regions that appeared in the...
  4. Rainbow Cloud

    Challenge The Monthly Photography Prompt Thread

    Hi everyone :) We’ve decided to start a monthly photography prompt thread to run alongside the monthly art prompt thread and work in pretty much the same way, just with photographs instead of drawings. Like with the monthly art prompt thread, this thread is intended to inspire participants to...
  5. Rainbow Cloud

    Challenge Draw the avatar above in MS Paint or a similar drawing program.

    In this challenge you must draw the above users avatar but using a basic and limited drawing program like MS Paint, you can use other drawing programs too but please limit yourself to only one layer and only use basic tools to do the drawing. This game is more for fun and not to be taken too...
  6. Rainbow Cloud

    Cancelled Games Sonic Adventure X: Mafia (Sign Ups)

    What appears to be a calm night in the airspace surrounding Angel Island is interrupted by the sound of engines as the Egg Carrier approaches the floating island. Inside the Egg Carrier Doctor Eggman is communicating with a mysterious shadowy figure on a computer screen. ???: “Is everything...
  7. Rainbow Cloud

    North East South West v2 - Pokemon Regions Edition

    Hello and welcome to the second version of North East South West :) Thanks to @dawn dusk for the original idea for this game. The theme for this version of the game will be based on the pokemon regions that appeared in the first four generations of the pokemon games and the teams will be as...
  8. Rainbow Cloud

    Rainbow Cloud's Realm (Colo LP and Other Stuff)

    Thought I'd create a blog thread to put stuff that doesn't really fit anywhere else, might also use this thread to move my Pokemon Collosseum Playthrough to once I start working on it again in the New Year. In the meantime, going to post these old videos here that I got round to collecting...
  9. Rainbow Cloud

    Up or Down Version 91 - Team Revival - Neo Team Rocket vs New Team Plasma

    Team Revival - Neo Team Rocket vs New Team Plasma (UvD Version 91) Vs Hello and welcome everyone :) Sorry it's been a while, didn't realise Version 90 had finished and my activity has been fairly low lately. I'm back now though and excited to be hosting my first game in a long time, last...
  10. Rainbow Cloud

    Mafia Classic Sonic Mafia (15p) - Eggcellent Sunshine! Mafia and Serial Killer Victory!

    Doctor Eggman has once again acquired the dreaded Phantom Ruby and is using it's reality bending powers to conquer the world and it's up to Sonic and his friends to save the day. Prepare for a chaos collision of past, present and future as the worlds of the various classic era Sonic games merge...
  11. Rainbow Cloud

    New Art Staff Incoming

    Hi Everyone :) Please give a warm welcome to the @NMLewis who has kindly agreed to become a moderator here in the Art Gallery :D NMLewis has been a regular contributor to the Art Gallery with his own art and shop threads here as well as being a past winner of one of our art competitions. He's...
  12. Rainbow Cloud

    Mafia 90's Video Games Mafia! Day 0: Sign Ups (Cancelled)

    Hey everyone, welcome to 90's Video Games Mafia, hosted by myself and @Returnofmastercrazyhand :) Introduction post below by Returnofmastercrazyhand: Hello and welcome to 90's game mafia, a game hosted by two children of the 90s, @Rainbow Cloud and myself. now for this we will be using the...
  13. Rainbow Cloud

    Art Shops Index

    Hi everyone, as Art Shops are now in the main Art Gallery section instead of having their own sub-section, this index thread will serve to link to all the current shops in the event that they become buried in the section and are difficult to find. If you have created a shop and would like it to...
  14. Rainbow Cloud

    Three Cheers for our Three New Mods!

    Hey everyone :) Just realised our new F&G and TWR mods have not have an introduction thread yet. It’s time to remedy that of course and give a warm welcome and congratulations to our new mods @Crystal Onix , @Elieson and @Midorikawa :D Crystal Onix has been a member since 2012 and has been a...
  15. Rainbow Cloud

    Bulbagarden 2018 Staff Drive! - Looking for Staff Artists (End date Feb 19)

    Hi everyone :) The 2018 Bulbagarden staff drive is now underway and we're looking for Staff Artists. If you enjoy making pokémon related art, graphical art or are interested in making forum skins the role of Staff Artist might be something that interests you. More information about the staff...
  16. Rainbow Cloud

    Challenge The Monthly Art Prompt Thread

    Hi everyone :) We’ve decided to change the weekly art prompt thread to a monthly art prompt as we felt that a week was not really long enough for everyone to be able to participate in the challenge. Like the previous thread, this thread is intended to inspire participants to draw or create...
  17. Rainbow Cloud

    Random Messages' Winter Adventure

    Random Messages’ Winter Adventure Hello and welcome Fun & Games to another create your own adventure game, as with the previous game each post by a moderator will contain multiple options and you the players will choose one of these options, you can choose any option so long as it hasn’t...
  18. Rainbow Cloud

    RANDOM MESSAGES 15: Go Storm Area 51...you weirdos

    Ok, let the music play! Hello and welcome to a new edition of Random Messages, I’m Rainbow Cloud and I shall be your host for this version. The pokemon removals service are currently moving all our stuff into the new thread as I type. No need to worry though as we’ve kept everything from the...
  19. Rainbow Cloud

    Mafia Bulbagarden Sections Mafia - Endgame Town and Jester Victory (16/01/2018)

    Hello and welcome to BMGF Sections Mafia, a game where the various sections of Bulbagarden forums have taken on personalities of their own and have begun to run amok. Will order be restored to the forum or shall chaos reign, the fate of the forum will be decided here. Myself and @SoaringDylan...