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  1. Marcat

    TEEN: Heart Swap

    I liked the chapter. At a technical level, you're pretty good. That said, I do think it needs some work on it. I admire that you're willing to try and be spontaneous with writing your story, but unfortunately that kind of mindset doesn't translate well into practice and it shows. The chapter...
  2. Marcat

    What video games are you playing now?

    Guild Wars 2. Also in the middle of Ni No Kuni.
  3. Marcat

    EVERYONE: What do you seek when reading a short-story?

    I like a short story that's clear and concise. Get to the point. Don't drag things along, just tell me a good, interesting story. Stick to good ol' Chekhov's loaded rifle: if it ain't immediately relevant to the story, don't tell me about it. Best thing I can come up with off the top of my head.
  4. Marcat

    Should worldbuilding come second to characters and story?

    Interesting idea. In my opinion, the two aren't really mutually exclusive. I mean, look at the best short stories. I've read short stories that took place in these incredibly grandiose and imaginative worlds, all within the span of 10 or so pages. It's honestly astonishing. I think, if you...
  5. Marcat

    Writers' Workshop General Chat Thread

    I would post in it, but I have nothing of note to be reviewed sooooooo yeah.
  6. Marcat

    TEEN: The Long Walk

    Huh. So I decided to read this story for the review game, and after reading the eighth chapter per the request, I got hooked and went straight for the ninth chapter to see what happens. It's a pretty interesting story. Here's what I think. I've always been fond of journey fics; they tend to be...
  7. Marcat

    COMPLETE: A Wish For It To Rain [One-Shot]

    Wow, I'm flattered that you guys posted, even more so that you enjoyed it. Thank you for your kind words, it means alot! I'm currently stalking the workshop and just reading alot of stories, I'm hoping to be back at a semi-regular basis.
  8. Marcat

    COMPLETE: A Wish For It To Rain [One-Shot]

    I used to be quite active here a while ago, and some of my fondest memories were made here in the Writer's Workshop, creating my stories and reviewing others. However, I left because of real-life pressures. None of you may recognize me, and I don't expect you to. So allow me to introduce myself...
  9. Marcat

    What was the last thing you said before this thread? [Vol. 2]

    "Presidential debates are boring..."
  10. Marcat

    What video games are you playing now?

    Well i have alot of free time on my hands lately sooo, that translates into play time. Pokemon Platinum Pokemon Ruby Pokemon Leafgreen Super Smash Bros Brawl Kingdom Hearts 1&2 Monster Hunter 3
  11. Marcat

    Writers' Workshop General Chat Thread

    A agree with Kelleo, animation is done because either the imagination was too vast to be contained in the real world (Like Hayao Myazaki films), or it just works better that way. Let it be. Anywho, change of subject. I had an epic day of win the other day. During Math class, me and my friend...
  12. Marcat

    COMPLETE: Pokemon Academy Year II: Second Year Rhapsody

    I just caught up with you. It took a while, but I'm happy that I did. Else I would've missed the awesome character development that was taking place here. I loved the fact that Reggie's 'shadow' was the one that knocked some sense into him. It was a nice twist, especially the conversation...
  13. Marcat

    COMPLETE: Pokemon Academy Year II: Second Year Rhapsody

    Nice change of tempo, i like the idea of leaving the school setting a little to go back, it's a nice change of scenery so the school grounds don't get boring or constrained. Anywho, Johann seems like a pretty decent character, a nice guy I would guess. Then we got the tension between Miko and...
  14. Marcat

    Writers' Workshop General Chat Thread

    Huh, reminds me of my own gramps. That guy is a tank, the guys almost 80 and I've seen younger men with less stamina than him. He's what we call the 'Family Elder', the wise old man that fixes family disputes and the like. I'm proud to be named after him. But I never tell him that, I'm not good...
  15. Marcat

    EVERYONE: Carry On, Blissey

    Huh, a new concept here. Different and original. Personally I sorta liked it, it felt influenced by the Medical Drama genre such as ER and the like. I think it did well in some aspects but came short in others. You did quite well structuring the world of medicine in the pokemon world...
  16. Marcat

    Ban the User Above v2

    Banned for photoshoping two completely unrelated things together!
  17. Marcat

    Name the Song You're Currently Listening to and Add "in my pants" at the end

    I'm Ready To Go...In My Pants. Oh God that sounds so wrong. :/
  18. Marcat

    Pokemon that scare you, but wouldn't usually be considered frightening

    Solrock... Lifeless Rock...
  19. Marcat

    MATURE: Essence of Life - Our Fates Entangled (4) [XIII] [BACK!]

    Re: Essence of Life - Our Fates Entangled (3) The chapter was pretty good even if it lacked a little in content compared to the previous chapters. Then again, maybe I got used to so many plot twists that i became spoiled. Huh, beats me... Anywho. Lemme see. The battle itself was okay, I can...
  20. Marcat

    Rate the Avatar Above You [v2]