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    The Homestuck Shipping Wall!

    For those of you who like Homestuck, here's your shipping thread! PLEASE respect the preferences of those in this thread, please! It's in the rules! Follow the rules, I can't stress this enough. As for me, I'm a pretty big Equius<3Eridan shipper. I just think it'd work well. Eridan gets...
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    COMPLETE: What I Miss Most - Striaton Trio genfic (TEEN)

    ((A/N: ohgod i hope i did this right. *ahem* Hey hey! um. I haven't written in a very long time, but I've had so many plotbunnies flying around that I just HAD to try to get back in the saddle. Posted it to tumblr first, then decided to post it here. Gave this a teen rating for language. Despite...
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    Which characters do you think deserve Specials?

    Like the title says, which characters do you feel deserve special episodes of their own, somewhere along the lines of the specials that Misty, Dawn, Brock and Ritchie got? This is in the instance that they decide to make more specials, but we got two of them before BW started, so they may still...
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    Contest Sinnoh Frontier Brains

    Which of the Sinnoh Frontier Brains is your favorite? And which do you think is the best? Not including Caitlin, since she's not the brain of the Castle. That would be Darach.
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    I didn't see a thread for headcanons at all, and I think it'd be kinda interesting to see peoples' ideas about the characters. Got the idea from a tumblr blog, so I thought I'd bring it here! I suppose I'll start it off. I am of the opinion that Burgh is Todd Snap's big brother. They're...
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    What are you making today?

    Making a big lunch? Having a nice home-cooked dnner? Tell us what you're making! You can even share the recipe if you want. I didn't see a topic like this, so I thought it might be fun. :> Tonight, I'm making a Tandoori chicken recipe I got off the internets. Something kinda different to try...
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    Omertashipping discussion? Anyone?

    Also known as Chili x Cress. This ship is seriously my kryptonite right now, and I was wondering if there was anyone else who, uh. Didn't hate the idea. Or even love it. I mean, now that Cilan is gone, they only have each other around. And instead of relying on two other brothers, they both...
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    The Susushipping Thread! :D

    Because you know it's pretty sexy. Susushipping is the adorable pairing of Morty and Will. Sure it's a little bit cracky, but it's not that out of the realm of possibility! Want some proof of how sexy/adorable it can be? Well, look no further~ Convinced yet? Come on in and talk...
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    Oos's art thread. Be afraid.

    Just fair warning, there will probably be a lot of yaoi/shounen-ai/gay boys here, so if that's not your sort of thing, you might wanna go elsewhere~ anywaaaaaay I figured since I need to be more active on Bulba, I'd put up my art and all that good(?) stuff. Each picture will be under...
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    Dario/Damian, anyone?

    lmfao i started this topic on SPPf, but it got closed because OMG IT'S CALLED ASSHOLESHIPPING and i put it in the title durrrr. OMG UR EVADIN THE FILTARS filters dont work in the titles, numbnuts anyway THIS IS NOT MY PERSONAL SOAPBOX THIS IS A TOPIC. Dario and Damian. They're like...
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    Susushipping! (Morty x Will)

    god i havent been here in YEARS or something. It's Oos, your crazy neighborhood Susushipper, here with a SUSUSHIPPING THREAD. *gasp* I love it. Not only do they go well aesthetically, they seem like they'd get along well. And with their new designs... *wolf-whistle* DAY-UM...
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    Oh SNAP.

    Ain't y'all gonna welcome me back? ;D I think my account got pruned from me not being here for so long, so..I re-registered. 8D Oh, pardon? You don't who this is? Kudou-san/Oos/Phantom_Bugsy from SPPf. XD Figured I'd come back and pop in for some discussions or whatev when I can. XDDD...