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    Manga Theme Song

    If you give any Pokemon manga a theme song what'd it be? For me I'd give the RBG either the very first Pokemon intro("Get Da Ze") or the English dub counterpart "I Wanna Be The Very Best." I'd give DPA! "The Biggest Fight" from Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout or "Cha-La Head Cha-La/Chara Hetchara"...
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    What If DPA! WAS the DP arc of Special ?

    Could you imagine? And yes, this thread was made out of my desire to have Shigetsu Ihara draw Special after Satoshi. But gee, DPA! rrrrrrrrrrrroooooooooccckkkksssssss!! Seriously, I recommend it. I really wouldn't have minded if it was Special-canon.
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    Does Anyone Ever Wait For The Third Version?

    Do any of you not buy the initial games and just wait for the third/Director's Cut game? I did this for Emerald, but couldn't wait for Gen IV's third version so skipped out on Platinum. Glad I got SS, though. I do regret getting Silver version and not waiting for Crystal to come out when I was...
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    Pokemon Adventures/Special: Is It Overrated?

    During my time as a member of these forums, I've noticed quite a few people saying that Special/Adventures is an overrated manga. I understand why one would say this, as it seems most people like the other manga(and for good reason) but don't like that the most popular manga in the English...
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    What's up with the Sinnoh/Johto Battle Frontier?

    Is it ever explained anywhere how this Frontier came to be? It doesn't seem like Scott had anything to do with it and I remember reading somewhere that the Johto/Sinnoh Battle Frontier was created by Prof. Oak...0_0.
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    Best Special/Adventures Chapter?

    What's the best chapter in your opinion? I say the GSC one and I'll elaborate as to why later.
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    The Champion's A Pretty Wanted Guy/Girl...

    This is the second time we got mention of someone wanting to knock the Isshu Champion off of his throne; first by N and now by Cheren. He/She must seriously be ten different kinds of awesome if they're giving him relevance as soon as the game starts. I'm actually glad they're doing that. I mean...
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    Golden Boys?

    Can someone please explain what this manga was really about? And I heard it ends on a serious cliff hanger? Pikachu is from another Generation or something?
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    Is Conway A Good Character/Rival For Ash?

    I'm doing a DP marathon and I'm up to the episode where he comes in. What do you guys think of him and his "rivalry" with Ash?
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    How Long Did It Take To Beat The Battle Frontier?

    The only one I beat so far is the Castle, and even then it's just a Silver Commemorative Print. I'm trying my hand at the Tower, but Palmer is such a freakin' cheater with his Pokemon that SHOULD NOT be faster than mine. I usually mess up on the fourth set during my Battle Hall trials too. And...
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    Will The Games Really Look Like That?

    At the risk of sounding foolish, I've been wondering will the games really look the same way we've been seeing them in the trailers, or do they only look that way because the footage is zoomed in? I'm referring to the way everything is so blocky with pixels and such because of the 3D and moving...
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    Timeline of the Main Games?

    Controversial Topic Alert! How do the games go in terms of time? I think it goes like this: RBGY/FRLG happens at the same time RSE happens-> Silver and Giovanni have their falling out sometime after Red gets all 8 badges -> 3 years later, the GSC/HGSS events take place -> 1 year later...
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    Black and White Anime Images??

    http://img84.imageshack.us/img84/1623/26836932.png If this has been discussed in another thread, please close this. From what I can see, the girl's name is "Ailiu" or something, the Mijumaru evolution says "Raconosuke," the bat/demon Pokemon above Jessie says "Coromori," and Blacky is...
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    What Gen Do You Think Gen V Most Resembles?

    You know, Gen II was an expansion of Gen I, Gen III was styled after Gen I, and Gen IV was sort of like Gen III's Gen II. How do you think Gen V will go? I think it'll favor Gen's I and II for some reason, if the promotions the Beasts and Celebi are pre-released clues to go by.
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    Should We Get Much Stronger E4?

    I say, hell yes. The Elite 4 are supposed to have powers surpassing the Gym Leaders, yet I find the Gym Leaders more of a challenge... well, some of them. The Elite 4 are just so easy, with the exception of the Champion, and even then it's cake. I mean, look at Lance in HGSS. I say they should...
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    Pocket Monsters Special Merchandise?

    Okay, so when I was a kid, I remember winning a Pokemon Puzzle Set from the local roller skating rink's reward games. The thing about this puzzle was that when completed, it had an image of Yellow and Pika from Pocket Monsters Special looking at the moon. But I was a kid, I had no idea who...
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    Are the Frontier Brains Regarded As Being Stronger Than The Elite 4?

    Thread title says it all. Have the two groups ever been compared before in-game? I actually don't have a clue, but I think the Elite 4 would be stronger than the Frontier Brains.
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    What Are The New Titles Gonna Be?

    If Red's the "Fighter," Blue the "Evolver," Green the "Trainer," Yellow the "Healer," Gold the "Breeder," Silver the "Exchanger," Crystal the "Capturer," Ruby the "Coordinator," and Sapphire and Emerald being "Fighters" just like Red, what are Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum gonna be called? They...