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    Physical or Special

    So everyone, if you ever played any Pokemon game, you probably know that Pokemon attack in two ways... Physical and Special. Different people use different ways to fight, some prefer close-range fighting, and some others long-range. But anyway, the reason I made the thread is to see which one...
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    Logging Out.

    I'm not asking how to log out. XD For example, it took me too much time writing a post, or playing a game in the Arcade, then when I click "Post" or "Submit Score" or whatever, it tells me to refresh the page and log in! I know there's no straight answer to this, but could it be my PC...
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    Do Pokemon Makers Regret Raichu Creation?

    So what do you think? Such a cute and famous Pokemon like Pikachu, evolves into an orange ugly mouse (<-personal opinion). I guess Game Freak hates Raichu.
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    Battle Upgrades

    Well, since the 2nd Gen, every new generation has brought a change in battles, like: G/S - Special stat split in SpAttk and SpDef, Pokemon Genders, somewhat a new type effectiveness chart, new types for some older moves, new types for older pokemon etc. R/S - Abilities and Natures (And...
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    It's me, Rare Candy.

    And I'm sure you don't know me. Because I've just registered on the forums. :) Hi everyone! :D