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  1. D

    GEN VI: LF Darkrai

    I'm looking for a Darkrai to join up with a new team I'm putting together. Anyone interested? I've got a freshly-bred shiny Vulpix up for trade, or you could ask about something else.
  2. D

    Anyone want a shiny male Combee?

    I pulled this little guy off the Wonder Trade not long ago. I don't have any interest in or use for it, but someone here might. Does anyone want to trade?
  3. D

    GEN VI: Halloween Shiny Gengar?

    Is there anyone here possessing the shiny Gengar (with Sludge Wave) they distributed last Halloween and a willingness to part with it?
  4. D

    GEN VI: Looking for Shiny Male Ralts

    I'm looking to acquire a shiny Ralts (or Kirlia) for evolution into Gallade. Does anyone have one, and if so what do you want for it?
  5. D

    GEN VI: Wanted: Arceus

    I'm looking for an Arceus of any sort for Gen VI. I'm not picky about level, moveset, or nature, just a legit Pokemon. I've got a Genesect or a few other event and legendary Pokemon I'd be willing to swap, and a mishmash of shinies. Feel free to ask about any specifics. Anyone interested?
  6. D

    GEN VI: Wanted: Shiny Male Ralts

    I'm looking for a Shiny Ralts. Any nature, EVs don't matter, but it has to be male. Who has one, and what are you asking for it?
  7. D

    Pokedex Entries that creeped you out

    So, ladies and gentlemen, after having had Black/White in English for 1 week, are there any Pokedex entries that made you freak out? I had one: Aww, look at Litwick, the cute little Fire/Ghost candle. Wait, what's that, Pokédex? It burns brighter when it absorbs a human soul? It tricks...
  8. D

    Plot of Black and White

    OK, for those of you that got your Japanese pre-order (and as of tomorrow, your game), I thought I'd start a thread to satiate my own intense curiosity. Can you say what the plot that you've gotten to so far is? I'd really love to know.
  9. D

    Who is your least favorite character?

    Out of all the characters in Pokemon, who do you like the least and why? For me, it was Takuto guy. You know, the one who somehow had multiple legendaries? To me, he just felt like a Mary Sue the writers pulled out just so that Ash couldn't win the league. Seriously, I really hate that guy...
  10. D

    Pokemon Thieves

    You know, I've just realized something. The Pokemon thieves in the show, even the supposed professional J, are complete idiots. They have no idea of just how easy stealing could be with the right Pokemon. For example, train a Psychic type to know Teleport and Confusion. Stake out your target...
  11. D

    Paul's Pokemon

    Why haven't Paul's Pokemon turned on him at any point? There have been numerous examples in the anime of Pokemon ignoring, refusing to battle for or even flat-out assaulting their trainers if they feel mistreated, or just for the hell of it (Ash's Charizard comes to mind in all three cases)...
  12. D

    Information and Speculation on N

    OK, I've been away for a while and am trying to catch up. What do we know for sure about this N guy and what are your personal thoughts on him. All I know so far is the few sentence description on Serebii. It says that he appears throughout your journey and challenges you to battles. He...
  13. D

    Speculation: Moral Choices?

    Do you think that we'll get to have moral choices in Black and White, with all the other improvements that are being made? I hope so. I think it would be good to have an effect on the plot of the gain with your actions. I remember back in the first games, where the Team Rocket recruiter keeps...
  14. D

    Greetings, fellow Rockets

    I am Dragonfly. As soon as I heard about your takeover here, I simply had to come. I am here to help crush the resistance that I have seen. Anyway, hi!