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    Could you forgive your mother if she put a hit on you?

    Even after she calls it off after you survive a couple attempted murders.
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    I am unable to get far in the battle subway, what should I do?

    I can win about 15 matches before I start losing over and over. This is REGULAR singles by the way. So, yeah I'm just letting you know how much of a failure I am who deserves to be laughed at. What should I do to improve my performance? Do I really have to EV train? I wouldn't be so apprehensive...
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    Are any of the Pokemon you like constantly attacked by the fandom?

    I notice there are a lot of Pokemon that the naysayers love to target when they start to go on the, "Pokemon is losing it's charm" rant or my personal favorite, "Gamefreak is running out of ideas". Do you actually like any of the Pokemon that get bashed regularly? I happen to like the Timburr...
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    I want something like the time machine from gen 2 to return

    So we can do cross generational trading again. It just doesn't make any sense how we were able to trade back and forth with previous generations in 1999, but in 2011 everything is one way and that's it! I don't know about any of you...but this seems like a large step back.
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    How many unique Pokeballs are on your team?

    Regular Pokeball-Samurott, Zoroark, Archeops Great Ball-Gurdurr Luxury Ball-Leavanny Ultra Ball-Axew (wish I used dusk)
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    Entralink is awesome if you have friends who play Pokemon

    Or two DS systems. The support missions in particular are the greatest thing about it. You can give the player in the other game all kinds of helpful perks. You can give them 1.5 times the prize money (stacks with amulet coin), double experience (stacks with lucky egg), faster hatching (stacks...
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    LOL @ You TCPI

    http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Cofagrigus_%28Pok%C3%A9mon%29#Trivia >Due to the censor that prevents Pokémon with offensive nicknames being traded on the GTS, an English language Cofagrigus cannot be traded without a nickname. Fucking Idiots
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    What was the worst new Pokemon for you performance wise?

    Purrloin. Dear god, Purrloin. This thing sucks so much it's unbelievable. Purrloin is fast but it is weak as hell. If Purrloin had bite (which is befuddling as to why it doesn't) in its early movepool he would be okay. Since it doesn't he is banished to the realm of failure. His best...
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    What B/W music are you waiting for to get remixed in the anime?

    I don't watch the anime. I happen to prefer the Pokemon games; However, I do think the anime has a superb soundtrack. My favorites are the ones remixed from games. I'm waiting for the N battle to be remixed. I guess they're saving it for N's anime debut.
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    Buy one version, get the other half off at K-mart.

    http://n4g.com/news/709047/kmart-planning-special-deals-for-pokemon-black-and-white This is good if you plan on buying both.
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    Pokemon you always wanted to use but never could.

    I always wanted to use Breloom. I always thought Breloom was a really awesome pokemon, but I could never deal with having a Shroomish for such a long time. Wanting to have spore makes it even more torturous to train Shroomish.
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    Contest Which Generation Introduced the Best Moves?

    Generation 4 by far. This generation gave us many, many useful moves. If Generation did anything right, it was the moves. Generation 4 introduced: Close Combat Brave Bird U-Turn Sucker Punch Aqua Jet Vacuum Wave X-Scissor Bullet Punch Dragon Pulse Dark Pulse (to give dark...
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    Great hacked mons for battle frontier?

    This is obviously for fun and intended to use your imagination. I would think that by posting in Dubious Disc that I wouldn't be flamed. Ninjask @ Focus Sash Nature: Jolly Ability: No guard Sheer Cold Spore Gastro Acid (for sturdy pokemon) U-turn (or any other filler)
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    Do you read the TOU/TOS when you sign up for something ?

    I'm going to make everyone flame me and say no. They all honestly say the same thing "You will not use this service to harass others, for illegal activities, etc. The terms are subject to change etc." I only read them if they are brief. This however only applies to online. In real life...
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    What is your least favorite trainer class to battle against?

    You know that one type of guy or girl that makes you just sigh on sight. For me it's those damn fisherman. A lot of times they have a team of Magikarps and four or five of them. While Magikarps are generally beaten in one hit, they are tedious to fight. On the bright side a team full of...
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    Has anyone used this site?

    A WARNING. THESE POKEMON ARE NOT LEGIT, AND THERE IS A GOOD CHANCE THEY WILL MESS UP YOUR GAME. TREAD LIGHTLY http://www.500mb.us/pkm.php This site is freaking crazy. You can pretty much get any pokemon with any item attached to it without the need of pokesav/AR. I used it to test it to see if...
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    Do your parents harrass you about stuff that you don't think is a big deal?

    I figured this would be a good topic here. A majority of Pokemon players are younger (under the age of 21) plus live with a parent and/or legal guardian. My mom is always giving me shit about my sleeping schedule. Everyday I go to bed at about 1 or 2 A.M, sometimes at 3 and I get up anytime...
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    What do you think is the most disappointing attack animation?

    Has there been an attack where you thought a cool animation would occur? Then when you use it the opposite of what you thought happens. For me that move has to be energy ball. I was expecting something similar to a generic anime, where it looks like a...I don't know? An energy ball? In the...
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    What opposing abilities do you dislike the most?

    I don't like it when my opponent has pressure, or an ability that makes them immune to my attacks. Levitate is really annoying for me. I've had a trainer or two withdraw a pokemon weak to earthquake and send in something like Bronzong. Pressure becomes really bothersome when I have to use a...
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    Kenhorou looks disappointing

    Especially after being spoiled by Staraptor in the fourth generation. Kenhorou has a shallow move pool and a worse stat spread. It has better defenses but it's not like it will be tanking anything. Staraptor had Close Combat to deal with his rock weakness, and Steels couldn't wall him...