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    GEN VI: LF: Jungle Pattern Vivillon primarily + some other patterns

    With my Vivillon collection now just being on the very edge of being complete, I'm now looking for the very last Vivillon pattern, which as the title suggests is the Jungle pattern Vivillon. For that, I'm willing to trade some other Vivillons patterns that I have at least more than one of, and...
  2. C

    *~*Trading away all Starters between Gen I-V, + some random Pokémon!*~*

    *~*~Hi everyone, welcome to my ''Starter Tradecenter''!~*~* So, due to a recent huge breeding endeavor I now have lots of Starter Pokémon that all are looking for a new and loving home. Hopefully will you be able to help them get a new home, so why don't you take a look to what I have to offer...
  3. C

    Shiny Lotad + Breeding Leftovers

    So. For not so long ago I caught a Shiny Lotad on my Sapphire. Obviously I was happy, but since I already have a Shiny Ludicolo (which I also caught in Sapphire, ironically) I really feel like I have no need of one more Shiny Lotad, so therefore I'd like to trade it away for another Shiny...
  4. C

    Almost completed my Diamond Dex; am in need of following Pokémon

    Hello there! As you could tell by the title I've nearly completed my Dex in Pokémon Diamond, but there are several that I can't get (due to all of them except one coming from Events that I've missed. So, here's the list: - Growlithe/Arcanine (any of them would be fine) - Mew - Celebi -...
  5. C

    Hi there everyone! =D

    Hi hi everyone, Kojufuu here! ^^ As you all can guess I'm new here, and my name Kojufuu is from one of my favorite Gen V Pokémon. I'm a really big fan of Pokémon, I think I started with it around 1998-99, well I at least started watching the show around that time. I've always been a big fan of...