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    The future of the Best Wishes saga

    Due to the recent disasters in Japan, what was supposed to be one of the most action-packed and important plots point in the Best Wishes saga turned out to be a complete dud. Team Rocket has inexplicably gone back to being as they were pre-Best Wishes and Team Plasma never got it's debut...
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    Bottle episodes in Pokémon?

    First of, an explaination as to what a bottle episode is: Realistically speaking, any production has a budget to work on, and usually most of it is spent on some episodes more then others, ones with important arcs, fantastic battle scenes or guest stars. Then there are these episodes. These...
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    Are Pokémon fans incapable of suspending their disbelief?

    Looking around the fourms, it's common to see people posting threads about things such as explaining "anime physics" and "game logic". Why is it that Pokémon fans absolutely need an explaination for everything? Are they even capable of just enjoying something at face value? If this doesn't...
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    Pokémon diets

    I'd like to see these sections actually get filled. Right now they get deleted since "There's no actual information on them". So I'm wondering what's the point of these sections in the first place if they're going to be left blank. Should these sections get deleted outright?
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    How different would Pokémon have been if...

    They were made by DiC entertainment in the late 80's/early 90's? For those who don't know who DiC entertainment was, they're the same american company that made several cartoons from that time era, such as Inspector Gadget, Super Mario Bros and Sonic the Hedgehog (the cartoons that Youtube...
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    Safari Zone lists?

    Does anyone think it's fesaible to have a list of Pokémon that appear in all the Safari Zones throughout the main games? I mean on one page, kind of like a Pokédex listing.
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    Why are Pokémon fans the way they are?

    If you've seen my posting, you would know how I feel about most Pokémon fans. I find most of them to be absolutely retarded, and I hold mostly complete contempt for them. They also have absolutely no sense of humour. But does it need to be this way? Why on earth does Pokémon have such a...
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    Scrapping Suicune for Arceus (also the inclusion of RSE elements)

    This topic is about two things: 1. With the revealation of Arceus having a fairly strong presence in Heart Gold and Soul Silver (particularly the event involved by trading it into HG/SS and having a new area opened.), do you think that Arceus has pretty much taken over the role in the remakes...
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    Older Sugimori artwork

    I've noticed that we seem to discard older sugimori artwork of Pokémon in favor of newer ones. Is this right? Personally, I think it would be good to add older artwork of the Pokémon somewhere on their pages, or perhaps in the archives.
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    How much "emotional investment" do you put in the anime?

    This may sound like an odd question, but it would explain alot of irrational behavoir seen on the forums. What I mean by "emotional investment"? I mean what do you watch the show for? How much do you really care about it and how do you react when something goes "wrong". Do you merely watch it...
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    We should probably have a catergory for all the corparations and organizations in the games and possibly the anime. this would include: Silph Co. Devon Co. Altru Inc Pokétch Company Also, would Teams count as organizations as well? Should this catergory also include real corparations...
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    Which character has the best hat?

    We've had too many serious topics. An essential part of the trainer's wardrobe, alot can be said about hats. They come in all kinds of shapes and styles. So... Which character has the best looking headgear?
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    Linking to TV tropes?

    Would it be a good idea to be able to link to TV tropes? To be honest, I doubt it would be, since it's probably too informal. But what do you guys think?
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    Pokémon preferences?

    Should there be a section detailing what kind of Pokémon each of the main characters tend to capture and train? (or like to own but do not). It isn't only limited to Pokémon of a certain type, but rather Pokémon that fill out certain roles in the anime or Pokémon they would love to have on...
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    Cry interpretations

    Can you guys please stop putting these in the trivia sections: *Pokémon X's cry sounds like it's saying "_________" They are not. So stop putting that in there. It's fine to put what sort of sound effects, but please for the love of God, no english phrases. The only exception to this is...
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    A better way to write Brock off the show

    Rather then derail another thread, I may as well post it in it's own. Mods can move this if they feel it doesn't fit here. My theory on how Brock's storyline gets resolved: He goes back to Pewter City (During the time between regions where one saga ends and another begins) and starts a...
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    Non-animal based Pokémon

    When most people think of Pokémon, they think of funny cartoon animals with funny names with the ability to "blow shit up". However, this is a bit of a misdemeanor: Many Pokémon are not based on animals! But how might these Pokémon live in the wild? I'd like to take a gander that...
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    Mysterious Places?

    Do you guys think that there should be a wiki about mysterious places in the games/anime? They don't nessecarly need to be connected with legendary Pokémon, they may not even have any Pokémon in them, but they were programmed into the game for reasons that aren't completely obvious to the...
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    The use of the word "Ironic" in topics

    I've seen this word used far too much in certain sections. Could you guys, you know... cut down on it's use? I think it may be becoming a filler word.
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    Please ban Sparks

    He is extremely rude and has absolutely no right to be posting on the internet in the first place.